Custom Medical Device Packaging for Neurometrix Quell

Medical Device Packaging for Neurometrix Quell

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Hi, and welcome to another Taylor Box "Box Talks." Today we are going to talk about this custom medical device packaging we did for the Quell device from NeuroMetrix. This package is a paper-hinged lid construction, meaning that the lid is held onto the base with just a cover material or a paper hinge. We designed this piece in collaboration with the director of marketing at NeuroMetrix. We did the structural design.

It has a base and lid that have the same depth so that when the box is fully opened, you almost have a platform stage effect. The entire package is wrapped in a custom PMS soft-touch material, as well as the lining of the plastic vat insert, and this folded hinged paper insert in the lid.

The folded paper-hinged insert in the lid is foil stamped with some branding information and lifted to reveal all of the printed collateral associated with the device. On the other side, the device was held in a custom vac-formed plastic insert lined with the custom PMS soft touch, which also lifted to reveal the additional technological components of the device.

This custom medical device package has a neck tray that holds the lid securely in place and keeps all of the edges squares. The beautiful quality of this box, aside from its wonderful custom soft-touch mano, is the pad printing on the lid. The Quell logo, which is a blue and white Q, had incredibly tight trapping, which is the overlap between the two colors, where the blue fades into the white. We were only able to achieve this precision logo using pad printing.

Additionally, using a base and lid of the same depth creates a horizontal symmetry when you look at the box from the side. That is, again, very simple but very elegant. For a contemporary medical device, NeuroMetrix was searching for an elegant, simple, and clean design. This box has just enough design. And that is why it is such an impactful presentation piece.

If you want to learn more about this package or have a custom medical device packaging project,  please contact us today. And we would love to work with you.