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Machines are magical. Watch an automated production line and it won’t be long before you’re mesmerized. The even, rhythmic actions of the machinery serve as a step in manufacturing a consistent product. It’s an absolute feast for the senses that speaks to the curious kid in all of us. (What’s that big machine? How does it work?)  When it comes to working with these specialty packaging machines, there are few more impressive than those made by Emmeci Fucecchio.

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The “Ferrari” of Box Wrapping Machines

As your custom packaging partner, Taylor Box is not only proud to have this machine in our toolbox, but we love sharing the beauty of its design and engineering.

Manufacturing for Manufacturers

When you look for a packaging partner, you want a company nimble enough to utilize a mix of manufacturing processes. At Taylor Box, some projects are finessed by hand while others are accomplished by machine. Walking around our shop, you’ll notice any number of specialty machines dedicated to cutting, pressing, stamping, milling, and more. But venture into the far reaches of the factory and you’ll find our fleet of Emmeci Automatic Converting Machines. This streamlined packaging operation is as impressive to watch as the results it yields.

It doesn’t hurt to have one of the world’s preeminent makers of packaging technology in your backyard. Emmeci USA is located just a few miles from our facility in Warren, RI. Their home base in East Providence provides box-making machinery to manufacturers all over the country, but such close proximity allows for a one of a kind relationship. Call it a Rhode Island thing.

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An Emmeci can perform multiple operations on one machine

Italian Innovation

At its core, Emmeci is an Italian company. Their story begins in Florence in the early 1970s, when after years of repairing and maintaining packaging machinery, founders Candido Calugi and Marcello Menichetti decided to create their own machine, the automatic lidding MC L82. With the addition of designer Franco Marabotti, this pioneering machine was soon followed by the introduction of an innovative automatic gluer, automatic wrapper, and quad stayer.

It’s a classic case of building a better mousetrap. In repairing machine after machine, the Emmeci founders recognized a need to create something better. The result was one of the most beloved, widely used automatic casing machines on the market. Not mention, Emmeci does it all. They design and manufacture their ever-evolving line of machines themselves.

Premium packaging machine
Machines made by Emmeci give Taylor Box the edge as your packaging partner

Consider how many separate steps go into the production of a great specialty box: Scoring and diecutting the box, folding and gluing the box, and wrapping and decorating. Each of those increments involve a variety of possibilities and variables. An Emmeci machine offers control and consolidation. Essentially, an entire box can be put together in one process rather than at several intervals. And hey, we love our hand department- there’s some work that’s just too delicate to be trusted to a machine- but automation certainly simplifies things.

We run our Emmeci machines every day at Taylor Box. They provide reliable results with minimal frustration. And though we depend on a variety of specialty machines for our manufacturing operations, the consistency and capability of the Emmecis plants them firmly at the core of our shop.

Y(Our)Packaging Partner

When you need a packaging partner to showcase your products, you want to know that your project will come back with the quality your customers expect. There’s certainly more to the process than a particular machine, but when you start with one of the best on the market, you’re bound to get superior results.


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