Sustainable Packaging

Reach your sustainable packaging goals in partnership with Pusterla 1880.

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Responsibly Managed

Our supply chain is responsibly managed at every step. That’s our guarantee to you as an FSC® Chain of Custody Certified manufacturer since 2009.

FSC® License Code:  FSC-C140950

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EcoVadis Accredited

Pusterla 1880 is accredited by EcoVadis, the global leader for corporate sustainability and social responsibilty standards. Our global facilities range from silver to platinum- level certification.  

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LuxePack NY In Green

An early LuxePack NY In-Green award winner in 2016 for our Godiva casual gifting boxes, sustainability isn’t a trend with us – it’s the work of decades.


















Made Locally

We want your packaging to be compatible with the health of our planet. We manufacture here in the US for domestic distribution to minimize pollution and energy use caused by excessive transportation. We can help you choose materials produced locally, and we embrace lean manufacturing principles that reduce unnecessary waste. If your market is in Europe or Asia, we can execute the same offering on a local level to reduce your carbon footprint and shipping costs.

For more on our group’s commitment to sustainability, including our support for the UN Global Compact and our ESG-linked bond issuance, please visit

Structural Decisions

Secondary Title

How you develop your package has a huge impact on its impact! 

We can guide you through right-sizing, mono-material development, separable constructions, and more before you even begin to conceive your package.


We’re happy to guide you through the myriad available “green” substrates to meet your particular needs. Whether you prioritize materials with PIR or PCW content, bio-based or vegan components, plastic-free, local, multi-use, repulpable, and/or recyclable materials, we can help you define the best specs. For example:

Our most popular base packaging material, chipboard, is made from +90% post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

We offer molded fiber trays and inserts manufactured in several regions. We’re here to discuss the pros and cons of various production processes.

Looking for recyclable glitter, plastic-free foils, or a replacement for magnets? We can do that.

Shipping & Logistics

With facilities on 4 continents and local sites in RI and NY, we can reduce your carbon footprint by producing close to wherever you need to deliver. 

Co-packing product in-line at our factories can reduce transit distance AND leadtime, while saving on packing materials.

Ask us about reducing shipper waste, plastic-free or recycled plastic packing options, and optimizing packing/shipping to reduce your transit impact.


We can help you transit test new packaging, inserts and packing to be sure your sustainable decisions don’t result in damaged products. 

Life Cycle Analyses and Western Michigan University and ATECELCA recyclability testing are available for select items.

Tell us a little about what you need and we'll work together to achieve your goals. We look forward to our collaboration!