Manufacturing Capabilities

Local Presence, Global Options

Pusterla’s two US sites focus on quality rigid box development and manufacturing. We can coordinate matching production in our sites in Europe or Asia for simultaneous, multi-region delivery, or simply keep things close to home. Our international sites offer a full breadth of secondary packaging, allowing us to meet the needs of our global clients, wherever and however they arrive.

01 Cutting-Edge Production Innovation

Pusterla has the imagination and know-how to take your product line to the next level. In fact, we are known for our ability to overcome hurdles and fulfill difficult customer requests with creative production approaches. Pusterla has the capacity to adapt, test, and build or rebuild machinery for recurring clients.

02 Die-Cutting & Converting

Every project begins with raw materials. Regardless of scale, Pusterla has the equipment to sheet, trim, groove, die-cut or miter your raw board and paper to size.

03 Casemaking

Many rigid packaging styles incorporate wrapped and tipped (labeled) panels. In addition to 2, 3, 4, and 5 panel rectangular constructions, Pusterla is one of only two US domestic producers able to automate turned-edge curved and angled binders.

04 Box Making

Pusterla 1880 has over 90 automated rigid box machines globally, and we have the capability to run any automatable size at our US sites, from the smallest to the tallest. Our lines in our New York facility also incorporate custom robotic elements to maximize efficiency on long runs. 

05 Decorating

Foil-stamping, debossing, embossing, and combo hot stamping offer an array of domestic in-house possibilities, while our global sites and network of trusted vendors and suppliers can expand your decorative choices to silk screening, lithography, laser-cut components, customer cast or stamped metal components, custom hardware, magnets, and more.

06 Round & Oval Styles

Pusterla US has unique automated round and oval box equipment first developed and patented in-house in the 1930s. For select dimensions, we can produce in New York. For a full array of luxury round and spiral tubes, our sites in Italy, Tunisia, and Moldova offer unparalleled quality. Quantities start at 20,000 pieces.

07 Handmade & Wood-Framed Boxes

For special projects under 10,000 pieces, our Rhode Island facility has a dedicated hand department staffed with veteran artisans who specialize in wood-framed luxury packaging and rigid paperboard. These craftspeople carry on the tradition of hand-making premium boxes and cases begun by bookbinders in the18th century to create unique packaging for the VIPs, influencers, and select clients of the 21st century.

08 Folding Cartons

Pusterla 1880’s Italian sites specialize in folding cartons complete with embossing, stamping and high-end varnishes and coatings. We can match colors between your rigid and folding packaging, and streamline development across regions.

09 Tin

Pusterla 1880 offers tin packaging made in China, from two factories that push the boundaries of the possible. Tin is an easily recyclable material suited to creativity, and we produce runs over 25,000 pieces for clients interested in the very best quality.

10 Multi-Material Possibilities

The team at Pusterla Asia develops and produces boxes that delivery the ultimate in luxury, made in any material you can imagine, from wood and acrylic to leather and metal. Please inquire for details.

11 Co-Pack

To maximize production efficiency and shorten time-to-market, Pusterla offers co-pack services in NY and globally for our larger clients. We receive, inventory, and place customer-supplied products into our boxes in-line so that finished goods can go straight to the end customer. We offer pallet-to-pallet traceability, labeling and coding, and our secure facilities are equipped to store proprietary products before launch.

The Perfect Fit

Pusterla is the ideal packaging partner for companies that value quality and innovation. We serve all sizes in the luxury market: in addition to traditional rigid boxes, our Rhode Island site has a special focus on unique specialty projects from 1 to 10,000 pieces with a short leadtime, while our New York location thrives on automation for multi-sku and other complex programs.

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