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We’ve all been there. You’re at a party and you put your drink down, just for a second, certain you’ll come right back and get it. Then, tragedy. You can’t remember which of those identical wine glasses clustered on the counter was yours in the first place. Do you try and match your lipstick to the shade smeared on the rim of the glass? Do you just roll the dice and pick one at random, praying you don’t contract some horrible disease? Likely, you’ll just get a new drink, dooming that half sipped glass of Chardonnay to be dumped down the sink.

Stemware charms make this problem a thing of the past. Stemware charms are stylish trinkets that attach to the base of a wine glass at the stem. These charms not only add a touch of flair and panache to your glassware, but help partygoers keep track of their drinks. At Nodding Bur Originals in Foxboro, Mass, Barbara Graveline and Paula Kelly are creating bespoke stemware charms for every occasion.

Charmed, I’m sure

A wine glass represents celebration. Stemware charms, like those made by Nodding Bur, not only add a touch of personality to a special occasion, but also make it personal. The pieces created by Nodding Bur Originals can be customized with names, dates, phrases, and symbols, to name a few.

Wine charms, stemware charms, gift box, custom retail box
Each charm from Nodding Bur Originals comes in this sturdy custom retail box

At Taylor Box, celebrations are right up our alley. After all, what’s at the core of every birthday party, baby shower, and wedding reception? Gifts! And gifts need packaging made to stand out. As a Taylor Box client, Nodding Bur Originals knew they needed a custom retail box that would delight anyone lucky enough to receive it while impressing bystanding partygoers. A custom retail box not meant for store shelves, but for exclusive, hand-picked recipients.

Gift box, jewelry box, packaging, custom retail box
Crisp foil stamp decoration helps to elevate this simple, but effective box

A Custom Retail Box worth celebrating

The humble design of this custom retail box only enhances the brilliant product within. We produce our share of extravagant, unconventional boxes at Taylor, but the simple base and lid construction remains one of the most versatile and popular boxes.

The earthy mocha hue of the outer wrap is reminiscent of the natural world. Like coffee grounds, or fresh upturned soil, the color soothes the viewer and invites closer inspection. A prominent floral decoration garnishes the lid of the box in resplendent silver foil stamping. That flower is, of course, none other than the nodding bur-marigold, the namesake of Nodding Bur Originals renowned for its resilience and understated beauty.

The shallow base is perfectly suited to present a set of charms to someone special. There is just enough room for the charms, no vacant space or need for a special insert. The focus is solely on the opening and revealing with the confidence that the charming product within will wow. On the interior of the box, along with a selection of stemware charms, comes a message from Nodding Bur, “Create Cherished Memories” which doubles as a note card to send personalized messages to the ones you care about.

Taylor Box cherishes the opportunity to collaborate with small businesses in the New England area. We are, after all, a small shop in Rhode Island ourselves. This custom retail box is a prime example of how a simple design can perfectly align with the branding needs of even the most niche products.



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