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Void/ev/Color Base and Lid Fashion Box Model

Renoir called it the Queen of all Colors. It represents the unknown, the powerful, and the stylish. It’s generally a good choice for a funeral, but probably not what you want for your wedding day. Historically, it’s been associated with Benedictine monks, Coco Chanel, and Medieval devils. It’s an indispensable, iconic asset of the fashion world utilized in many timeless looks.

Can you guess what color we’re talking about? (Go ahead, take a minute.)

This Box of the Month is dedicated entirely to the color black.

Void/ev/Color Base and Lid Fashion Box Open

Black is the New Black

For boutique fashion retailers VOID/ǝv/COLOR (that’s Void of Color), black is more than just a hue, it’s the foundation of their business. Every piece in their pioneering collections OPUS I and BLACKCANVAS are entirely black. Undeniably chic, sleek and sexy, everything on the rack from the cotton modal tunic to the slim tie come together to show that there’s no such thing as too much black. And as an online retailer, VOID/ǝv/COLOR knew that packaging is a critical part of their success.

We collaborated with VOID/ǝv/COLOR to create a memorable online retail packaging experience; a base and lid box with some straightforward, but incredibely effective foil stamping on the front. Adoringly dubbed “BLACKBOX”, the VOID/ǝv/COLOR box is completely black.

So why is this such an exceptional box?

This box represents the high level work we do every day at Taylor Box. This is an artfully made, surgically precise container suited specifically for our client. A testament to the countless hours our team has put in performing precision operations. There’s something to be said for doing a simple thing exceptionally well.

Void/ev/Color Base and Lid Fashion Box Front View

Optimizing Online Retail Packaging

Black Mano paper from our partners at Neenah Paper gives a matte look to the box. In contrast, gloss black foil provides a lustrous sheen to the VOID/ǝv/COLOR logo in the center of the lid. Even the box itself is made of black material. Black chipboard comprises the structure of the base and lid, so underneath all that black decoration, there’s even more black.

In terms of online retail packaging, this box is nothing short of genius. While most online retailers are committed to devise eye catching packaging, few have the unique leverage VoC does when it comes to design. They can throw the weight of their brand not just behind a logo, but behind an entire color, so when you think black, you think  VOID/ǝv/COLOR.

Picture this. You order an outfit from a premium online fashion retailer. They happen to sell only black products. A week or so later, a few packages arrive at your door (you’re an avid shopper, after all, and the Holidays are coming up). Lots of boxes, lots of different products. Here’s the challenge: without checking the shipping slip, could you identify the products you ordered by virtue of their packaging alone?

Betcha it wouldn’t take long to spot your VOID/ǝv/COLOR box.

Void/ev/Color Base and Lid Fashion Box Series

This Fall’s Hottest Accessory

The all-black packaging clearly reflects the product within. Couple that with the crafted, quality construction of BLACKBOX, and it’s apparent that this box contains the premium quality clothing of VOID/ǝv/COLOR.

It’s also worth mentioning that in a world of chronically wasteful online retail packaging, the VoC BLACKBOX is reusable and recyclable. Much more durable than a standard corrugated box, BLACKBOX can easily take on a second life for storage, regifting, or as the perfect accessory for night on the town.

Just kidding about that last bit.

Void/ev/Color Base and Lid Fashion Box Model

And we have to give a shout out to VOID/ǝv/COLOR for featuring our box in their photography! It’s always encouraging to have a satisfied client, but a client who is willing to have a model pose with our work is a new one for us. And it’s not every day that our work gets its own proper noun, so frankly, we’re thrilled to add BLACKBOX to the lexicon.

VOID/ǝv/COLOR represents the future of the modern fashion boutique, and online retail packaging plays a crucial role in the transition from brick and mortar storefront to digital shopping experience. Artfully designed and thoughtfully curated, black has never looked better.


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