Award Winning Packaging Design For Taylor Boxes 2017 Holiday Box

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Base and Lid with Neck Tray Box Style TBC Holiday Box

Our Award Winning Packaging Design Spreads Cheer & A Positive Message

Every year, it seems like the Christmas music comes on a little earlier, the ugly sweaters get a little uglier, and remembering everyone on your shopping list gets a little tougher. The Holidays are a big deal. We spend an incredible amount of time and money trying to make the Season bright and merry. But as much as this time of year is about giving gifts, it’s also about giving back.

For our 2017 Holiday Box, we created a set of nesting doll boxes paired with a donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rhode Island. It was a project that demanded a lot from our team, but ultimately became the latest example of the award-winning work we do Taylor Box.

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A Taylor Tradition

Every Holiday Season, we send a special box to our vendors and clients to commemorate another year of partnership. The box itself is designed and manufactured at our facility in Warren, RI. It’s a small token of yuletide gratitude, something different than the usual fruit basket or jelly of the month club subscription. After all, what better way to represent Taylor Box than with a box?

Our Holiday Boxes have been some of our most celebrated designs. It’s a chance for us to strut our stuff, and over the years, it’s resulted in some award-winning packaging. The creativity and hard work of our team is on full display in every Holiday Box. Each yearly edition is coupled with a philanthropic donation to a particular charity made by Taylor Box on behalf of the recipients.

This year, we chose The Boys and Girls Clubs of Rhode Island.

The Nice List

Maybe it’s the snow days, maybe it’s Santa Claus, but kids have a certain ownership of wintertime. When you think of winter, you think of sledding, building snowmen, and the freedom of playing outside. And if you’re lucky, the Holidays still bring out that youthful spirit, no matter what age you are. That’s worth celebrating. Our intention with this box and its corresponding donation was to support all kids in Rhode Island as they grow, learn, and play.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Rhode Island serve more than 25,000 young people in our state through seven affiliated organizations. They provide indispensable resources and guidance to help kids reach their academic and personal potential, including programs in athletics, technology, the arts, and leadership.

It’s vital work, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of RI have been incredibly successful in positively influencing, if not all together changing the lives of young men and women in our state, boosting high school graduation rates, physical activity, and aversion to drugs and alcohol.

So how did we create a box worthy of such an outstanding organization?

award winning packaging, packaging design, holiday box, nesting doll box

Frozen Fun

There’s no shortage of ambition at Taylor Box when it comes to designing in-house. We’ve made a tradition of pulling out all the stops for our Holiday Mailer and we weren’t about to stop. So when considering the experience of opening a box and the Holiday season, we decided to try something different. We noticed that the action of opening one of our base and lid boxes is not unlike that of a Russian nesting doll, and so for 2017, we made not one box, but three.

This set of boxes appeals to the kid in all of us, and reminds us of the joy and freedom of wintertime fun. The packaging itself is inherently playful. You can stack the three individual boxes within one another or separate them into their respective parts.

Utilizing the dimensionality of the base and lid, four characters appear on each box, one per side. And here’s another playful element, you can rotate the lid to make four unique combinations per box; matching heads to bodies. A raised neck tray helps to align lid to base not matter which combination you choose.

award winning packaging, packaging design, holiday box, nesting doll box

Original illustrations bring this box to life. All sorts of fun winter scenes are depicted from building snowmen to sledding. Bright, colorful winter clothing paired with the gleeful expressions of the characters gives tremendous energy to the piece. It’s all about inclusivity and diversity.

Rainbow paper from Ecological Fibers provides unrivaled brilliance in bringing those colors to life. And good old reliable white vat-lined board from Newman Paperboard gives a durable structure to each and every box.

The final, tiniest box in the set contained an assortment of crayons, reinforcing the youthful theme of the project. Foil stamping gives a wonderful lustrous effect to the snowflakes dotted around the boxes. The silvery specks add yet another captivating visual element to this vibrant design, catching the light as the box is handled.


award winning packaging, packaging design, holiday box, nesting doll box

Award Winning Packaging Design

Suffice it to say, we really like this project. We were glad to create something that would benefit the young people of our state that was also an ambitious and thoughtfully designed box. But evidently, we weren’t the only ones who felt that way.

Not long ago, we found out that the Paperboard Packaging Council honored us with their Rigid Box of the Year award for our 2017 Holiday Mailer.

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) is a packaging industry organization which can trace its origins back to the 1930s. On top of advocating for sustainable paper-based packaging and providing support for its members in the industry, the PPC also holds a prestigious annual awards ceremony. Every year, some of the best packaging in the game is represented at the PPC Awards and the caliber of talent among the nominees is nothing short of spectacular.

This year, we managed to add even more award winning packaging to our name. This award was the result of the tireless effort and cooperation of our team. It was a result of being inspired by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rhode Island. And it was the result of the relationships we’ve built with all of our clients and vendors.


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