Box of the Month: Custom Promotional Packaging for Sentry

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Promotional packaging box for Sentry containing a colorful bath bomb

Everyone likes free stuff. How many times have you been to a conference, picked up a tote bag and loaded it up with promotional merchandise from every booth on the convention floor? It’s a fun way to network, learn, and grab some cool giveaways.

The problem is, giveaways aren’t always something you want to take away. A USB stick? A stress ball? Another pen!? It’s not that we don’t appreciate the freebies, but let’s be honest, conference swag can be much more interesting. Just ask Sentry.

Sentry’s Software Solutions

Sentry helps developers write better software faster with tools for application performance and error monitoring. They catch the bugs that developers may have left in their code, consolidate the problems, and make them easy to solve. Their software eliminates the embarrassment of customers reporting bugs and instead identifies issues firsthand.

To help them stand out among a slew of marketing materials at tech conferences and trade shows, Sentry recruited Taylor Box to create an unforgettable promotional packaging experience.

Promotional packaging for Sentry featuring a bath time-themed art style
The F(un) Bomb box is packed with clever graphics on every panel

Good, Clean F(un)

Sentry wanted to give customers something memorable during the hectic process of traveling and attending conferences. Their solution: a boisterous bath bomb to wash stress down the drain after a day of unmitigated chaos. Christened “The F(un) Bomb”, it’s a clever stroke of marketing that plays into Sentry’s mission of solving stressful software errors – when F Bombs start dropping, Sentry is the solution.

The first thing you notice about this box is playful artwork from the creative team at Sentry. The stylized characters are wildly charming, piquing interest and encouraging exploration of the packaging. You can’t help but like a platypus in a bathtub.

Promotional packaging box for Sentry containing a colorful bath bomb
Sentry finally gives us a reason to call our boxes “The Bomb”

A telescoping base and lid construction was the perfect choice for this project. Base and lid-style boxes are the most classic rigid box design and afford tremendous opportunity for customization. By separating specific aspects of the packaging between the base and the lid, design elements are able to be better emphasized. Namely, the charming graphic design is able to take the spotlight on the lid, while all the requisite copy resides on the base.

The rich colors of the 4-color offset printed wrap are coated with an aqueous gloss. The resulting luster gives the box a pristine sheen that fits appropriately with a squeaky-clean bath time theme. This is one of the most comprehensive designs that we’ve wrapped around a box recently. There are clever graphics covering every corner- even the very bottom.

Promotional packaging for Sentry's F(un) Bomb featuring four unique characters
Four unique characters don the panels of Sentry’s F(un) Bomb

When the box is inverted, the Sentry logo appears as a drain grate with pink soap swirling down against yellow tiles. It’s an unexpected point of branding that makes you realize just how thoroughly considered this design was. No space is wasted, and every panel of the box has a rewarding graphic element to amuse and inform the audience.

The Proof is in the Promotional Packaging

Promotional items can get the attention of potential customers, but when the vast majority of brands are giving away sunglasses, USB sticks, and tote bags, how powerful is that impression, really? If you’re looking to make an impact, you need to present your promotional items in a way that communicates value and novelty. You need to prove, one way or another, that this is something people actually want. Enter custom packaging.

Good packaging gives customers more than a container. It offers a bit of mystery and anticipation. While some promotional campaigns make it clear what’s being given away, there’s something more enticing about a closed box and the possibilities it might contain. Not to mention, boxes like the F(un) Bomb can be easily repurposed for storage, organization, or decoration. It’s one of the upsides of choosing rigid paperboard packaging.

And if you need another reason to consider custom boxes for promotional merch, consider that promotional packaging can pull double duty as both container and collateral- protecting the product while providing information and a call to action.

Colorful promotional packaging and a pink bathbomb from Sentry
Sentry’s F(un) Bomb is made to make an impression

This Box is the Bomb

When that bath bomb hits the water, it’s a show; it’s an experience. And when combined with a handsome package, it’s an indelible exercise in branding that’s had customers buzzing long after they’ve returned from their trade shows and conferences. Take it from the folks at Sentry:

“This decision has proven to be more than successful in spreading our name, as people talk within their professional circles about the quality of the boxes and with TSA agents about the veracity of the contents.” – Cameron McEfee, Sentry

See? Even airport security can’t wait to get their hands on this box.

Amidst a wash of forgettable swag at conferences and trade shows, Sentry’s F(un) Bomb stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks to inspired design from Sentry combined with quality promotional packaging from Taylor Box, the F(un) Bomb box provides a memorable experience and a lasting keepsake that can be repurposed indefinitely.


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