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Door Knocker Box for O&G for Restoration Hardware

In our hometown of Warren, there’s a shop pushing the craft of furniture forward while honoring their New England heritage. Their astounding work was featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, and Vogue, to name a few.

Of course, we’re talking about O&G Studio.

Furniture Greats of the Ocean State

O&G Studio was founded in 2009 by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) grads Jonathan Glatt and Sara Ossana. The studio is famous for bespoke interpretations of classic furniture reimagined in a variety of pieces with very Rhode Island names like Sakonnet, Metacom, and Wayland.

The team at O&G specializes in artisan tables and chairs in the vein of time-honored Yankee designs, but our neighbors are capable of even more.

To create some of the most stunning home furnishings on the market, O&G Studio teamed up with legendary Portland house parts general store Rejuvenation. The two collaborated to create a series of sconces, lamps, and hardware that exemplify the best of what both shops have to offer.

Among the pieces created were a set of cast bronze door knockers and hooks which pay homage to American design of the Colonial era. When it came time to package their artisan hardware, O&G came to Taylor Box for a set of custom-built boxes.

O & G Studios Rejuvenation Base and LId

We were proud to create custom packaging for our hometown heroes. The resulting set of boxes represents an elegant intersection of product and packaging – boxes that not only contain the product but showcase it. Three versions of a Base and Lid Box accommodate several artisan hooks and door knockers.

A Box that Knocks

You know what you’re in for when you get a Base and Lid Box. It’s about as straightforward as packaging gets. But a little extra functionality can go a long way to engage customers and express the personality of a brand.

Sometimes, a product can be incorporated as part of the packaging, like material from real StaSof gloves included in this comprehensive presentation kit for FootJoy. Sometimes, the box itself can be a stage to make the product shine. An interplay between packaging and product is integral to the most effective packaging experience. That’s one thing these boxes for O&G accomplish in spades.

Door Knocker Box for O&G for Restoration Hardware

Thanks to a set of expertly engineered custom platforms, these boxes not only package their hefty brass hardware but provide an opportunity for customers to test it. Each piece is fixed to a paperboard platform within its respective box. But for the eagle door knocker in particular, the platform is fitted with a stud for the cast bronze to collide with, replicating the action of knocking on a door.

O&G Cast Bronze Door Knocker Custom Insert

The interactive aspect of the packaging design is the most compelling, but there’s plenty more to like about these boxes. Materials and decoration are essential for communicating brand values, and a few strong choices help these custom-built boxes convey their message without a word exchanged.

Decoration Makes a Difference

Each box is lined with Rainbow cover material from Ecological Fibers in Graphite. A quality cover material like Rainbow can make a huge difference in how a package is perceived. It’s both a visual and a tactile touchpoint.

Color signals brand identity and the intention of the product, while texture encourages us to handle the box and explore its features – though the way a box feels can sometimes say as much about a brand as its coloration.

Consider how a leatherette cover material unifies branding and packaging in this box for leather apparel specialists Mint Tradition. Or, in this case, how a linen-style emboss communicates value for O&G.

Custom Insert for O&G Door Knocker

The contrast of matte cover material with a shimmering metallic foil stamp adds some healthy visual drama to the exterior. Here, the foil compels the dual logos to pop against the cover material. All the while, the metallic luster of the foil emulates the bronze sheen of the hardware.

These Base and Lid Boxes reflect the quality commitment of O&G Studio. The handsome hardware stands on its own as a feat of design but packaged in a custom box, it becomes an engaging experience that confirms the quality of the product before it’s put to use. For diligently crafted product, you need a diligently crafted box.

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