Box of the Month: Cocktail Box for Monk Provisions

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What makes a cocktail a “cocktail”?

Is it the glassware? The bartender? Is it a cocktail just because it’s made with alcohol? Well, you might want to rethink your definition. Lately, a movement has been growing that contradicts conventional wisdom of what a cocktail can be.

Alcohol-free Elixirs

Monk Provisions is a ready-to-drink cocktail brand offering exceptional ingredients and sophisticated flavors in their line of alcohol-free Drinking Botanicals. That’s right, alcohol-free.

These bottled cocktails represent a re-imagining of what an adult beverage can be. It’s all the character of an artisanal speakeasy, bottled for your enjoyment at home – just minus the booze.

The only buzz you’ll catch from these cocktails is folks buzzing about the quality of the botanicals used in every bottle. MONK makes it a point to source all of their premium ingredients as close to their production facility as possible (with the exception of maple syrup from Vermont, and hey, as New Englanders we totally get that).

These cocktails aren’t made to inebriate, but the orchestra of flavors found in each elixir is sure to put you in a more pleasant state of mind. As the team at MONK describes their product, it’s “an elixir that puts you at ease without intoxication.”

We’ll drink to that.

To present a selection of ready-to-drink craft cocktails as impressive as this, only a premium packaging experience would be appropriate. So, Taylor Box created a custom Base with a Paper Hinged Lid- style cocktail box for Monk Provisions.

A Custom Cocktail Box

A paper hinged box is the perfect vessel for presenting products with poise. The hinge ensures a uniform opening every time, so there’s no risk of an awkward reveal. Every opening is predictably the same, paving the path to a consistent unboxing experience with each interaction.

On the interior, an extended neck tray adds both style and structure to the piece. The extra neck material reinforces the structural integrity of the box and adds visual interest to the piece upon opening.

Consider the impact a single layer of paperboard material has versus a layered, premium arrangement as in an extended neck tray. Which one would you rather have for your products?

The cover material for this cocktail box was flooded with custom color via PMS process. The deep blue of the box establishes a feeling of trust and serenity by virtue of its hue alone. (That’s some color psychology for you.)

The cover material is treated with an all-over matte aqueous coating for a truly premium feel when the box is handled. The aqueous coating deters fingerprints, scratches, and other blemishes that come with repeated use.

A single-color pigment foil stamping decoration illuminates the packaging experience. The stylized ‘M’ decoration is a fantastic demonstration of the power of minimalism in packaging design. By simplifying the decoration on the exterior, the reveal of the gorgeous contents are all the more exciting.

On the inside of the lid, the box is outfitted with a glorious geometric pattern liner that reads simply “From MONK with love”. Couple this with the polychromatic colors of the drinking botanicals and you’ve got a sensory feast of tone and texture that’s sure to enchant even the most skeptical customers.

Prodigious Provisions

This box embodies the spirit of the Monk Provisions brand. It’s a beautiful display of MONK’s product offerings, and the quality of the packaging immediately indicates the care and attention put into creating their products.

When you’ve invested countless hours into painstakingly developing and refining your business, you want a packaging experience that’s commensurate with that level of effort. You want packaging that represents the same selectively sourced, handcrafted principles found in your products. This is that box.

You deserve the best box for your product. Our team is waiting to make it happen.

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