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Custom Chocolate Box Packaging

Christophe’s Artisan Chocolatier Patissier  which is  located in Charleston, South Carolina, isn’t your typical corner chocolate shop. Christophe creates edible works of art that feel almost shameful to consume.

A 3rd generation French Chocolatier, Christophe grew up working in his father’s patisserie in Toulouse, France. He attended the CFA de Murety, and then worked for the family business for several years until he later traveled to Montreal to obtain his master’s in pastry. His passion of chocolate later led him to the United States, but it was here that he found love for the woman who is now his wife. Christophe’s Artesian Chocolates was derived from two soulmates’ love for chocolate and each other.

Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

Our Project Management and Design teams worked with Christophe to create a set of premium boxes representative of their luxury brand, and one that would spotlight the products, not compete with them. Customers delight in the experience when you remove the ribbon and lift off the lid from the base. At the first reveal, you see what appears to be mini solar systems, sparkling gems, and magical stones.  The boxes help to accentuate the real stars – the chocolates.


Premium Packing For An Opulent Product

These rich milk chocolate-colored boxes are stamped with Christophe’s logo in a dark chocolate colored foil. Everything about these boxes says chocolate and classic luxury.

The box structures are a classic base and lid, who’s foundation is constructed of quality chipboard, then wrapped in multicolor umber by Neenah papers.

Everything these boxes are created with is recyclable – a prime example that you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for luxury.

Luxury Doesn’t Have To Mean Sacrificing Sustainability

Everything these boxes are created with is recyclable – a prime example that you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for luxury.

A set of 3 different sized base and lids were created for the 6-piece, 9-piece, and 16-piece hand-painted chocolates and a slipcase that fit six chocolate bars for a specialty gift set. Everything is complimentary of each other to ensure brand consistency.

To meet Christophe’s budget, we managed all of the project, minus the internal trays. We typically manage an entire project, but when some items are standard, we will help the client manage themselves if it helps to reach their budgeting goals.

Christophe’s is a brand of creativity, quality, and commitment, and we are honored to be a partner with Christophe’s not only to design their packaging but to continue to partner with ongoing fulfillment.

The holidays are approaching and who wouldn’t love the gift of chocolate, especially ones as beautiful and decadent as this. Christophe’s also makes sculptures and other confections, including custom creations.  They ship anywhere in the united states.


Custom chocolate box packaging that is brand definable and world conscious is just a click or call away.

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