Box of the Month: Bejeti One-Of-A-Kind Luxury Wallets

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bejeti luxury wallet packaging

Box of the Month: Bejeti One-Of-A-Kind Luxury Wallets

bejeti luxury wallet packaging

Some of the best design work combines art and functionality to transcend the everyday. Artisans draw from centuries-old craftsmanship and the best modern processes to create pieces vibrant with unique beauty. These handmade works are impossible to mass produce, making each one a treasure to behold and to hold.

This is the ethos of the Bejeti wallet, and the results are astonishing, especially when you learn these wallets are made of stars. The material for their pure titanium wallets originates in supernovae. In contrast, the source material for the Celestial line is a fragment of a 4-billion-year-old meteorite. Understandably, these are exceedingly rare wallets, expertly layered and shaped by the hands, hammers, and fires of the most skilled craftspeople.


These wallets are made in the U.S. by world-renowned metalsmiths, machinists, and polishers. They are intended to be heirloom pieces handed down through generations.

With this in mind, Taylor Box was tasked with producing custom luxury brand packaging for Bejeti that would "take the new Bejeti Wallet owner through an unveiling journey." At the same time, the packaging needed to support a truly bespoke product and several accessories.

Taylor Box and Bejeti agreed that the ideal luxury brand packaging would include multiple components that would allude to the refined, mysterious nature of the product. The result was a subtle yet elegant slipcase and book folder design in matte black with the iconic Bejeti logo and other design elements in gloss black. The matte black Bejeti slipcover has the brand logo on the front and the name along its spine. Incorporated into the slipcase are triangular cut-outs to complement the Bejeti wallet's triangular thumb relief. The Bejeti brand name is prominently displayed on the book folder, with a triangular cut-out window that offers a glimpse of the extraordinary wallet's material. Upon opening the 3-panel folder, the wallet is fully revealed with a congratulatory note. Nestled below the wallet are additional accessories in high-density foam. This packaging was designed to give the client a visceral experience. A true keepsake that is saved and stored prominently on a bookshelf.


The inner and outer slipcases and platform are constructed from a solid black board from Newman & Company, Inc. The 3-panel folder that wraps around the base and lid is also composed of solid blackboard from Newman and ESKA board. Neenah Paper, Inc. supplied the Mano Black wrap for the tray, 3-panel folder, and the inner and outer slipcase. Universal Foam Products, LLC provided the high-density, ultra-plush foam insert.

Bejeti's founder Eduardo Sande points out that "the journey from concept to execution with Taylor Box Company was exactly what our company needed." Indeed, we're excited to be part of this. It's not every day we get to work with celestial bodies!


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