Hinged Lid

Tray in a 3-Panel Folder (Book Style Box)

The Tray in a 3-Panel Folder, also known as a Bookstyle box, is composed of a setup tray within a three-panel folder. This construction can be augmented with the addition of an interior lid panel, referred to as a French panel, for superior structural support and decoration. This style can also be modified by gluing the spine to the tray or leaving it unattached to allow the box to fold open flat. This design is commonly used for product displays, archival prints and photos, and for limited edition or keepsake editions of books.

Projects Using This Box Style:

Aesculap USA

Prosthetic Packaging for Artificial Disc

Steadfast / Concord Marketing Solutions

Employee Onboarding Custom Printed Boxes

Johnson & Johnson

New Hire Welcome Box with Custom Inserts

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