Project Development

Your Project, Our Process

Your project is important to us, and our streamlined manufacturing and quality process ensures that we can deliver the best-finished product in a quick timeline and at the right price. It's not just a single project, it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Design & Estimation (5-15 days)



A seasoned Packaging Consultant or Project Manager is your first point of contact. They will extract all the necessary information to start to create a design Request. The more information you can share — including budget targets — the better!

Inside tip:

Projects can take time to resolve in the Design & Estimating phases. You can mitigate this by sharing as much about the project as you can, including the budget.


Design + Engineering

Your Request is sent to our Design & Engineering department to determine structural design, dielines, vendors, and production processes. All of this new information is added to the Request and sent to Estimation.

Inside tip:

Often our Design & Engineers find unseen issues or opportunities in your request. In that event, we will return with questions or suggestions for improvement before proceeding to ensure we're making the best package!



An Estimator generates a quotation from the complete write-up of your project for the requested quantities.  


Client Review + Approvals

We send you the Quote! If pricing is an issue, we try to negotiate a design change to meet the budget. Otherwise, you approve the quote and we build your physical custom prototype. Once you approve a prototype and return it to us, we begin Order Entry.

Order Entry (3-5 days)


Account Set-Up

A new client paperwork bundle includes a credit application (if needed), terms and conditions, freight carrier form, and request for a resale certificate. Returning customers can skip this step.

Inside tip:

Each of these steps depends on the completion of the previous step. To prevent delays, be sure to return our paperwork in as timely a fashion as possible.


P.O. & Deposit

Our standard expectation for project deposit is 50% of the material and labor cost, as well as 100% of the set-up hard costs, which includes dies, plates, and tooling.


Artwork Templates

If the box is decorated with printing, a flat template file with instructions is sent for your design team to place artwork. When this file is returned, we are ready to schedule production.


Schedule + Acknowledgement

Your project is in the queue! Materials are ordered! A formal acknowledgment with the projected ship date is sent to your inbox.

Inside tip:

At this point, you can sit back while we take over. Unfortunately, unforseeable issues with vendors and suppliers do occur. Know that we are on top of it, working hard to keep your project on schedule.

Production (6-10 weeks)


Receive Materials

Paper, special print, special board, foam or plastic inserts, etc.


Convert Materials

Sheet, trim, diecut, miter, groove, etc.


Run Job

Stamp, fold, wrap, glue, stack, etc.


Inspect + Pack Out

Final quality control step to ensure 100% defect-free packaging.


Ship Finished Goods

Your freight provider comes to collect your perfect packaging.

Inside tip:

We want your unboxing experience to be happy and exciting. Your Project Manager will follow up to collect any feedback you have about the process and to ensure complete satisfaction.