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Base and Lid with Custom Box Inserts

This packaging is classic example of how base and lid style rigid packaging can go from classic and classy to luxury in only a few simple steps

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Foil Stamping, Custom Chipboard Inserts

Industry Box Style

Opportunity Knocks

O&G was approached by the luxury home decor and improvement store Rejuvenation to partner on designing and manufacturing an exclusive set of door knockers for their brick and mortar customers.

O&G Studio is a celebrated maker of premium furniture based in Taylor Box Company's hometown of Warren, Rhode Island.  It's Founder/Lead Designer Jonathan Glatt is a Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Alumni and has been featured in publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue because his bespoke interpretations of classic Yankee designs are charming customers from coast to coast.  

Rejuvenation is an American Classic home decor and improvement store that focuses on providing high quality, well designed and constructed pieces that will not only look beautiful but last for years to come.  They also pride themselves on working with American craftspeople and vendors whenever possible.

So when Rejuvenation and O&G about decided to collaborate, it couldn't have been more aligned.

Creatively Functional and Interactive

Thanks to a set of expertly engineered custom box inserts, these Base and Lid boxes not only package their hefty brass hardware but provide an opportunity for customers to test it right in the box.

A standard sized base and lid were created for size, design and production efficiency.  Individual chipboard inserts were designed to accommodate each different knocker design. Each piece was then fixed to its respective paperboard insert.

The individual box inserts are fitted with its stud in place for the cast bronze to collide with, replicating the action of rapping on a door.

Classic Luxury with Modern Goals

Creating a package that is luxurious and timeless doesn't mean sacrificing sustainability.


The box is both covered and lined with Rainbow cover material from Ecological Fibers in Graphite and adorned with a metallic gold foil stamp decoration.  Because all of Ecological Fibers Rainbow Line is recyclable, and with minimal foil stamping for decoration, this piece is 100% recyclable, unlike many of the luxury packagings of days gone by.  Luxury doesn't have to sacrifice sustainability goals.  We talk more about this project in an episode of our Box Talk Series.

Let's create sustainable luxury together

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