Pean Doubulyu

Modular Glassware Packaging

These gift boxes were each wrapped in a different shade of paper chosen to match perfectly with the wacky, wonky, wonderful work of Pean Doubulyu Glass.

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Project Details

Recycled Paperboard, Bllind Deboss Logo, Removable Insert, Four Colors of Paper

Industry Box Style

The Art of Packaging

Pean Doubulyu wanted to reflect the vibrant colors of their art through packaging, so owner Liz Pannell collaborated with Taylor Box to select a palette of colors to compliment their work.

Four colors were chosen for two sizes of boxes. Each piece includes a folded board insert to hold four glasses per box.

Colorful Combinations

Thanks to a variety of colorful base and lids that could be combined in any order. No two customers felt like they were getting quite the same packaging. 

Customers at Pean Doubulyu's Providence glassware shop have been reported to ask to purchase just the box itself. 

Purposely Repurposable

A box meant to be gifted, but ideal for repurposing, the board insert is easily removed for complete access to the interior space.

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We worked with Providence artisans Peàn Doubulyu Glass to create a vibrant suite of glassware packaging to house their handmade products. Famous for their offbeat, charming styles with names like Wonkie Ware and Wackie Ware, Peàn Doubulyu proves that playful is powerful.

The colors of the boxes were specifically chosen by Peàn Doubulyu co-owner Liz Pannell to compliment and accentuate their peerless glassware. Two sizes of the box were created to accommodate two varieties of glassware; the standard tumbler and the shorter old fashioned glass. Each box was built to contain four glasses each.

These boxes were designed to mix and match and were sold in different combinations of base and lid colors. Between the two sizes, there were up to twenty-four different color combinations possible.

These straightforward base and lid boxes exemplify the power of thoughtful simplicity in packaging. There aren't any especially unusual features to these boxes, and yet that's precisely why this glassware packaging is so effective. Leveraging the power of solid color and a blind deboss decoration, this design is easily as effective as the most opulent on the market.

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