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Deluxe Clamshell Presentation Package
Slipcase with inner slantcase

Box Styles

Every custom package needs to start somewhere, and we recommend starting  with a basic box style construction.

Do you want your box to hinge? Does the cover lift off? Do you want extra surface area for printing or brand messaging? 

How your end user interacts with the package has a lot to do with the form, so read about box styles here!






basis weight

The weight in pounds of a ream (500 sheets) of paper cut to a given standard size for that grade; e.g. 500 sheets 25 x 38 in. of 50 lb. text paper weighs fifty pounds.


The degree of thickness of paper. In book printing, the number of pages per inch for a given basis weight.

beater dye

Paper or Board in which dye has been added into the beaker producing a sheet with consistent color throughtout its thickness.


The thickness of paper, usually expressed in thousandths of an inch (mils) and written in decimals.

coated paper

Paper with a surface coating which produces a smooth finish. Surfaces vary from eggshell to glossy.


In paper, the distortion of a sheet due to differences in structure or coatings from one side to the other, or to absorption of moisture on an offset press.


In papermaking, the width of the wet sheet as it comes off the wire of a paper machine. The Deckle Edge is the untrimmed feathery edges of paper formed where the pulp flows against the deckle.

embossed finish

A texture applied to paper or light weight board after the manufacturing of the sheet. Textures often resemble another material (i.e. Wood, cloth, leather, etc.).


A process in which paper is pressed between metal dies to create an image in relief. Used as overprinting, with foil, or on blank paper (called Blind Embossing).

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