Award Wining Custom Direct Mail Holiday Box from Pusterla

Award Wining Custom Direct Mail Holiday Box from Taylor Box

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Hi, and welcome back to Box Talks

Today we're going to talk about this custom direct mail holiday box we did for our clients and partners. So we're very busy all year long making packaging for our clients. But once a year, we do like to send out a special direct mail piece. And that time is generally around the holidays or in January, just to thank our clients and our vendors for their support and thank our partners for working with us. We are so happy to be in business after 135 years, that it feels good to say thank you to the people who make that possible.

So about five or six years ago, we stopped sending out an actual physical gift inside the box and started making a donation in the honor of our partners to a charity. This past holiday season, we decided to celebrate the Boys and Girls Club of Rhode Island. So we wanted to create a box that was evocative of the Boys and Girls Club and would also embody the spirit of play and the wintertime joys of here in New England, which includes a lot of snow.

This package came in a custom mailer that was fitted to the size of the box. And while it was simple brown corrugated on the outside, when you opened the box, it was lined with this fun, bright, lime green colored paper, uncoated, which is actually from Ecological Fibers. And we foil-stamped our message from the company to our partners there on the inside of the lid.

So that way, the minute you open the box, you get hit with this, thank you, friends of Taylor Box Company message. And the box, the interior rigid box is there, sitting nice and pretty against that bright green color.

Now, the rigid box within this corrugated folding container is wrapped in a Mohawk Paper that has been offset printed with illustrations of children. And if you see, they're each doing a different wintertime activity. Again, we're in Rhode Island, so we get plenty of snow. And it gets plenty cold. So we have a kid who's ice skating and one who's making snowballs, one who's got a sled, and one who is making a snowman.

And then what you realize is that actually, each of these children's faces, which represent a diversity of ethnicities and genders, can be flipped and flopped around to be on any number of the bodies. So just to emphasize again that children and the inclusivity of the message of the Boys and Girls Club.

So once you lift that first head off, you realize that there is a whole other box within that main box. So you tip that box out. And it is another set of the same rotating children. And then within that doll box, there is another set, the final size, which again has the same illustrations but changed up to, again, emphasize inclusivity and diversity. And that box is holding a set of 16 crayons.

So things that we really enjoyed and had fun with this box besides the illustrations, we added some silver foil stamping made to create a shimmering snow type effect. And we also designed the boxes so that if you see, the snow lines up. So the idea being that now we also have a diversity of ages of children all playing together out in the snow.

So the style of this box is a base and lid with a neck tray. And both the base and the lid are made out of 100% recyclable chipboard. And the neck tray is made out of 100% recyclable SBS lined with an uncoated paper. So by weight, this package is primarily recycled chipboard. And it as a whole is wholly recyclable.

One of the most exciting parts about this package for us is that it is a demonstration of how packaging is not necessarily only about its contents. Often, the messaging and the content of the package itself is embodied in its form and in its intent and less so in what can be a very humble contents, literally.

This package actually just won Best in Show for the Rigid Category at the Paperboard Packaging Council. And we were just so pleased and tickled that this sort of concept piece that we did as a product of Taylor Boxes got honored with such a great award.

And we're really proud of it. And we're really proud of the Boys and Girls Club. And we're so thankful again to all of our partners and clients for making what we do here at Taylor Box such a fun adventure every day.

Thank you so much for stopping by. And if you have a custom direct mail holiday box that you would like to work on, give us a call. We'd love to help you solve your rigid packaging challenges. Thank you.