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Hello, and welcome to another Taylor Box Box Talk. Today, we are going to be discussing this luxury tequila packaging we developed with Oliver Inc. for Cincoro Tequila.

Cincoro Tequila is a super premium tequila label. It was only developed in the past three years by five NBA team owners. The brand was developed around the idea of having a premium sipping tequila, so a drink is somewhat like a Scotch or a bourbon. In fact, it is tequila that is aged for twice as long as any of the other competitors in the market in whiskey barrels, to create a very complex, very deep long sip, long finish tequila.

Cincoro developed a few different versions of the tequila, one, at a very reasonable consumer-retail price point and then also this VIP kit. So this bottle of tequila retails anywhere from $1,600 to $1,700 a bottle. Naturally, when you're creating a premium gift collector's item experience like this tequila, you want it to be delivered in a package that carries the same gravitas as your brand and as the product inside and gets people excited to unbox that bottle. And also, it needs to be something that can serve as a display, something that will look beautiful on the shelf.

So a couple of interesting things about this Cincoro brand, as I mentioned, it was founded by five NBA team owners, who we can't name here, but Google them. And a big part of tequila and tequila that is premium tequila is that it's 100% made from agave. So for designing the outside packaging, we really drafted off of the elaborate design of the tequila bottle itself, which is five-sided to represent the five owners and also designed to look like an agave leaf.

This luxury tequila package is obviously very elegant and is designed to possess the same sophistication as the Cincoro brand. It had a full-sized belly band that wrapped all the way around the rigid structure, that featured a beautiful black-on-black Spot UV using the logo of the Cincoro brand in a step and repeat pattern. It also had some gold with a Spot-raised UV on the front label. And all of this was against the soft touch background, so very elegant, very sophisticated.

And in the back, there's the story of the Cincoro brand, which started over a dinner table, like many great brands. When you take off the belly band, the hexagonal tray in a panel folder opens in the middle much like a double doors opening or a stage opening, so it's very dramatic. It's got magnets in the flush side faces, so there's a nice tactile moment as you pull the magnets apart and then the bottle, which in the actual version of this VIP kit is black. The black bottle stood out against the gold leaf background, which also had the step and repeat pattern of the Cincoro leaf done via foil stamping.

The designers at Taylor Box and Oliver Inc. wanted to work together to create something that would really work both as a premium gift received as well as a beautiful display. So, in addition to creating the hexagonal-shaped box with the five-panel folder to mimic the bottle, we also developed this custom neck rest in the back of the bottle to hold the bottle up because it has a natural curve in the back, which otherwise would not have laid flat perfectly in the box. So that was a really fun design challenge. And it came out perfectly. We're super proud of the way that this bottle sits and rests very securely in its package.

With really interesting luxury tequila packaging like this, one of the fun things is always making sure that all of the little details are taken care of. So whether that's having the foil stamp of the logo in the liner of the box mimicking the stamping on the sleeve to the perfect level of depth for the bottle to easily slide in but then also stay put, all these details have to be considered when developing something that's this level of premium and this level of luxury. So other little details like having the foil stamp on the lid, right? So that looks beautiful. And that mimics the raised UV here, even though achieved with two totally different printing techniques.

Something else that's really exciting is that this package was selected by the Paperboard Packaging Council as the Best in Show in the Rigid Packaging category. So within our little niche of paperboard packaging, this is sort of like the Oscars. And it's such an honor to have won this award.

So this was a really fun design challenge for our team. We both had to figure out a way to make this hexagonal shape, which was not producible by a machine at this time. So we had to design something to be made by hand. So this kind of project is absolutely our favorite. We get so excited when you have design challenges.

If you have a complicated, exciting, premium, or just new high-impact product launch that you need innovative packaging for, please give us a call. We'd love to solve your design challenges together. And we hope if you can, go out. Pick yourself up a bottle of Cincoro Tequila.