Custom 3 Ring Binders

Custom 3 Ring Binders

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Hi, and welcome back to Taylor Box "Box Talks." Today we're going to deviate from our usual case-study style to talk about a genre, custom 3-ring binders. Here we have a three-panel folder. It's pretty standard. It's a white soft-touch material. It's got some foil stamping. It's got the binder metals with the boosters, which are these tabs on the end that help you open it. You can get your binder metal with or without boosters. And then over here, we have a little business card tab. So this is kind of what you imagine when you imagine a binder.

At Taylor Box, we also have what we like to call the curve technology. So we have machinery that can automatically wrap curved edges like this, and not just this swoosh. We can do a rounded edge. We can do a concave edge, anything that you might want to add just a little bit extra to your graphics or coincide with your graphics.

You can also choose to do an angular edge. This, again, we can do entirely on machinery. So it doesn't matter if you need 50, 500, 5,000, we could make this for you. Another thing to know about when you're looking into a custom 3-ring binder is if you want it to be a panel folder or a Euroscore. Euroscore, as you can see, has a slightly rounded edge and generally is more flexible in terms of accommodating extra girth if it's going to have pages added to it.

Finally, if you're looking to do something that's really, really high impact and very luxury premium, you might consider doing a tray box with the binder metals inside. This presentation for Harbor has a beautiful leather-style cover material. It's got a rounded fifth panel that has a magnetic closure, foil stamping. And then inside of the tray, you can see the binder metals.

As you can see, there's a wide spectrum to choose from if you're looking to do a wire-bound presentation, anything from a basic panel folder, curved or rounded edges, a Euroscore edge, or a tray box. If you're interested in doing custom 3-ring binders with us, contact us. We would love to talk with you, collaborate with you. We have plenty of ideas, and suggestions, and samples that you can look at for inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.