Custom Design Portfolio for Redmund Aldrich Design

Custom Design Portfolio for Redmund Aldrich

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Hello, and welcome to another Box Talk. Today, we're going to talk about this tray custom design portfolio that we did for Redmond Aldrich Design. So this tray in a four panel package is wrapped in a beautiful, simple unembossed, uncoated paper.

The fourth panel is only half the depth, which makes it a very clear and easy flap to lift up. There is a hidden, but very high-end magnet closure holding the package together, which has a beautiful tension as the user opens the package. This was a very intentional design decision to create a panel box that felt more like a design portfolio. Had the client wanted, we could have also glued the middle spine flap to the box, which would have made it look more like a cigar box.

The top panel has a folder for the insertion of printed collateral. And the base tray is nice and deep, so it can hold any number of internal contents. The understated elegance of this package is both the simple construction and the humble wrap material, but also this beautiful, clear embossed foil stamping on the lid.

Oftentimes, people come to us asking for a true blind box, which would be a stamp with no foil of any kind pressed into the paper substrate. Oftentimes, we will encourage them to use a clear or same tone foil so that there will also be a sheen difference between the box and the material. This ensures that it is fully legible for people looking at the package.

A custom design portfolio is appropriate for a VIP kit, a welcome kit, a stationery design, or some sort of gift set. It's beautiful, it's very versatile, and it's beautifully, elegantly executed here. If you would like to work with us on a panel box or any kind of rigid set up presentation packaging, please contact us today. Thanks.