Custom Presentation Slipcase for Citation Shares

Custom Presentation Slipcase for Citation Shares

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Hi, and welcome back to Taylor Box "Box Talks". Today, we're going to talk about this custom presentation slipcase we did for Citation Shares. We were contacted by a printer to develop a package for Citation Shares, which was a private jet timeshare company.

What we came up with was a tray in a panel folder. But it was a little bit more complicated than that. As you can see, there is a tray that holds print collateral that also has a custom frame, as well as a secure fold over folder with a dual lock closure to keep the materials. And that is then placed inside of a folder.

So, it's really a tray in a folder in a folder. The entire package is wrapped in a gray soft touch material that feels beautiful and very high-end and is a perfect contrast material for a shiny metallic foil stamp, which they have on the cover and on the back. On the inside, there is a pocket folder for print collateral, as well as a couple of slits that you could fit a business card or a postcard into.

Inside the main compartment is a shrink-wrapped collection of documents about the timeshare program. And just for a little bit of added drama, they made the tray wider and included this frame so that it wouldn't jostle around during shipping. This custom presentation slipcase has both a dual lock to keep these contents inside, as well as a hidden magnet to keep the folder closed.

You could imagine this style of presentation package being used for any number of premium high-end industries-- finance, philanthropy, and university academic settings. If you need to do a very special report and you want to make sure that it doesn't get forgotten in a pile of paper, consider using a dimensional rigid package to hold your presentation. If you're interested in developing a custom presentation slipcase, please contact us today. We would love to collaborate with you.

Or if you're a printer and you're looking for a partner on a dimensional brand piece or presentation package, please contact us today. Thanks so much for stopping by.