Custom Print Box for Gracespace

Custom Print Box for Gracespace

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Hi, and welcome to another Taylor Box, "Box Talk." Today we're going to talk about this custom print box with an extended edge for Grace Coddington. Grace Coddington is the much-lauded creative director at large of American Vogue, and she recently has published a series of books of her illustrations. To celebrate that, they did a limited-edition release of her prints, which are being sold through Artspace, hence the name Gracespace. Artspace is the leading retailer of contemporary art online.

What's so interesting about this custom print box with an extended edge is the beautiful all-over print graphics on the inside basin lid using illustrations by Grace of her beloved cats, who are often featured in her illustrations. The base had a raised platform that held the limited edition of prints, as well as a grosgrain black ribbon lift, so you could easily get the prints out without pinching or bending the corners.

Choosing to use an extended edge on the base is a great option if you want to have a fully telescoping lid. That means that the lid entirely covers the base without losing the ability to open the box easily. It also adds a little bit of drama. When the box is open, you've got this extended edge, and it's a beautiful profile, in the event that you wanted to merchandise a product. Both the cover and the inside all-over print were digitally printed.

What really helps with this raised platform, in addition to offering another place to put the beautiful graphics and also add a little bit of drama, is that it reduces the depth. If you were to think about how shallow 10 prints would be, this raised platform allows the Artspace to create a more commemorative package but without the opportunity for the prints to flop around inside of the box. So it's really about securing the prints and making sure that they arrive to you totally undamaged.

If you are a fine artist or an editor of a magazine and you're looking to do a custom print box, a great way to turn it into a keepsake is to put it in a rigid package. You'll often see them in clam shells or portfolio-style boxes, but this is a beautiful example of how to use a basin lid for the same purpose, and it makes it really feel like a gift.

If you'd like to learn more, contact us today. We'd love to get going on a project with you. Thanks for stopping by.