Custom Sales Presentation Kit for FootJoy StaSof

Custom Sales Presentation Kit for FootJoy StaSof

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Hello and welcome to another Taylor Box-Box Talks. Today, we're going to discuss this custom sales presentation kit for Footjoy. This extra large presentation kit was used to promote the Stasof glove. The Stasof glove is one of the premier products from the Footjoy line. And is the number one glove on tour.

This custom sales presentation package is styled like a briefcase and has a series of unfolding panels that create a unique presentation moment for the Stasof glove. The outer box is wrapped in neon metallica with a weave embossed, which creates a beautiful contrast material for this top foil stamp. The box has a plastic handle that holds together this top panel, which is also held together with Velcro snaps.

This presentation kit was built for durability, as well as high impact performance. The outer tray is made out of 80 pound black chip. We see the LIFO, which has a lay flat, high gloss laminate coating that's scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant, and really pops out all the printing. We've got a sample of the glove material.

Then there's a second reveal, which brings you to further messaging about the Stasof brand and a unique clasp from the actual glove. The inside of this package is a beautiful example of rigid packaging engineering. It has three individual folding panels. It has two key inserts. One of which has multiple components and that's holding the gloves in place. As well as a crosslink foam component that holds the grip in place.

This is, as I said, an exquisite example of multi-component packaging design. The interior trays and inserts are all wrapped in ecological fibers, Ultima, in the black antique finish, which is a glossy black cover material that blends pretty seamlessly with all of the black laminated printing. This beautiful presentation kit also came with a custom mailer, which was used in instances, where the kit was shipped instead of delivered by hand.

Overall, this is a wonderful example of storytelling in packaging. The design from Titleist with Taylor box creates an unboxing experience, really unique to this particular custom sales presentation kit. This package would serve as a sales tool in an in-person sales presentation. And also is so wonderfully designed that it serves as a brand proxy for Footjoy Stasof.

We are super proud of this package. And as always, love working with Footjoy. They are a longtime client of ours. We were extremely excited to learn that this package has been honored with a Bene from the Print Industries of America, as well as two awards from the Print Industries of New England. If you would like to work with Taylor box as a collaborator for your next sales presentation kit or direct mail piece, please contact us. The information is included below. Thank you for stopping by.