Event Packaging for Sentry

Event Packaging for Sentry

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Welcome to another Taylor Box-Box Talks. Today, we are going to be discussing this event packaging we produced for Sentry. Now, Sentry is a software solution service. They have a product that will tell you about bugs in your website. And they attend lots of different trade shows. And they wanted to create a meaningful contact moment with the visitors to their trade booth.

Tracking errors in a website can be a highly stressful job. And so they wanted to create a whimsical moment that would help people think of them as the solution to the problem and how to de-stress without giving them something more generic, like a stress ball, or a pen, or other sort of commonly seen trademark swag. So they came up with the idea for a bath bomb, that they call the F-bomb.

They have this product designed and decided that, ultimately, while they could give it away because it's plastic wrapped with a sticker just like this, that they wanted to create a value added moment through packaging. So not only does this base and lift off cover the most traditional and classic box style there is, provide some production protection for the product within. It also provides a whole lot more surface area for messaging and communications.

But both the base and the lift are wrapped in a four-color LIFO wrap that has an overall aqueous matte coating. So it's not super shiny. They've got these really fun, whimsical bath-related creatures on all four sides, along with the words, work, balance, life, and Sentry. When you remove the lid from the base, it's got some pretty whimsical and fun instructions as how to use the bath bomb, after you have used the Sentry product to debug your website. And therefore, it's time to relax and take a bath.

We also love that they chose such a clever name and such a clever concept. That's really taking a pretty common item, a bath bomb, and making it unique to the Sentry brand and to their customer value proposition. Even though, you would never want to because this package is so cute, once the user is done with the bath bomb and if they don't keep the packaging, this simple package is 100% recyclable and made out of 100% recycled chipboard.

We are super excited about this event packaging. We think it is a perfect example of using rigid packaging to provide some additional storytelling and also add that value, that takes a simple trade show giveaway, and elevates it out of the sea of ephemeral swag into something that somebody is really likely to take home, put on their desk, and think about in the days past. If you would like to talk to us about coming up with some creative ideas for how to brand or storytell through packaging, please contact us.