FSC Certified Packaging for Parlor Coffee

FSC Certified Packaging for Parlor Coffee

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Hi, and welcome to another Taylor Box "Box Talk." Today we're going to talk about this FSC certified packaging for Parlor Coffee. Parlor Coffee is a Brooklyn-based coffee sourcer and roaster. Parlor Coffee sources and roasts unique coffees from around the world. This particular edition is from Ethiopia. It was a heirloom seed saved from a rain forest in a region of Ethiopia that they then grew, and sourced from there, brought back to Brooklyn, and roasted.

Because it was a limited-edition release, they only roasted it on three different dates. They wanted to send it out in FSC-certified packaging. This base and lid has the coffee secured in a die-cut board insert. The base and the lid are both wrapped in R70, an uncoated paper from ecological fibers.

Parlor Coffee wanted to use two different shades of paper for the base and for the lid, which creates a beautiful contrast when the box is closed. The lid has two different decorative techniques-- one, silk-screening, for the lighter shade so that it would match perfectly with the color of the base, as well as ensure that the fine lines of the botanical illustration would not be lost in the process, as well as a metallic foil stamping that was done afterwards.

What is truly magnificent about these graphics, and what is an impressive feat to pull off was the alignment of the wrap. If you look closely, you'll see that these graphics wrap around the corner of the edge. But that requires perfect alignment when the lid is going through the machine. Otherwise, it would be misaligned. So you can see it there for the foil-stamping and again there for the silk-screening.

The insert is made with simple black board die-cut then folded to hold the coffee. This box is made with predominantly postconsumer recycled materials and is 100% recyclable due to the choice of using an uncoated paper.

This FSC-certified package is a beautiful example of how some really beautiful design choices and graphics choices can take a simple construction and simple, humble materials, and really elevate them to the level of a keepsake box or something that's memorable for your consumer. If you're interested in seeing how turned-edge rigid packaging can elevate your product, contact us today. Thanks.