Influencer Kit Packaging for Red Bull

Influencer Kit Packaging for Redbull

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Hi. My name is Julie Passey, national sales for Taylor Box. Today, we're going to be talking about a fun influencer kit packaging we produced with the Imarc agency, for Red Bull, called Top of the Mountain Box. Our client Imarc is a website and design agency, in Amesbury, Massachusetts, and their client is Red Bull, a brand of energy drinks.

They came to us to help design an influencer kit that would be sent to a broad range of users. So this is the outside mailer, which is craft corrugate E-flute, which is printed one color in black. It says "Open here" with a snowflake. So you hinge it open, and the drop from the front. Once you take the box out, this also says "Slide out" there.

So here is the box, which looks like a typical gift box. It has a ribbon tab on the very top made of [? grosgrain, ?] pomegranate color, which is really cool, because it's a pomegranate Red Bull. On one side, it says "Wings for your winter," and on the other side it has the Red Bull icon.

So it looks like a normal box. When you lift up the lid, ta-da, this is revealed. So here, you have the introduction about the flavor, which is a pomegranate Red Bull. So it comes with the two cans and the two specialty glasses, and along each side, the skier guides you to a mocktail recipe, which is very cool. So also revealed are these snowy peaks, which is a specialty die cut, printed board, which is really cool.

So it was really important to spread the sustainability message with this project. So it's made of all recycled materials that are fully recyclable also. Even they strayed away from having a foam insert, which is typical when you have glass products, to changing it to be only a board insert, which is die cut board for the base and then also a die cut board for the lid.

So materials included chipboard, which is underneath the paper. The paper was printed with aqueous coating, and they forego the film lamination to be sure that this material could be recycled. SBS board which is recyclable, craft corrugate for the outside mailer, fully recyclable, and ribbon, which can be removed from the box.

We also did the fulfillment and shipping for this project. So we inspected cans and glasses, inserted them into the package, placed the package into the mailer with a supplied label, and shipped the product. Because this was released for winter, 2021, we were making the box in the summer of 2021, during the pandemic, and it was really a team effort. Everyone from design, marketing, and sales got involved in helping to produce this project, so that the client still received the box on time.

Thanks for your time and watching our video. Please, contact us when you're ready to talk about your next influencer kit or other packaging. [MUSIC PLAYING]