Premium Candle Packaging Showcase

Premium Candle Box Packaging Showcase

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Welcome to Taylor Box Talk. Today we're going to be talking about premium candle boxes.

OK, so the first one is for Escada. This was a base lid. And then they had their insert act as the exposed neck so that when you close it, it sits flush. And they wrapped in an offset print on an uncoated sheet, and then finished it with a foil stamp.

And this one is just the most simple style, which is a two-piece base and lid. They didn't have an insert. They just did a tight fit holding the candle.

Another box we have for you today is a box we did for Be The Light. This box is really special because it's wrapped in a black mosaic paper, and then we foil stamped the base and the lid with gold foil with an overall map of the continent. And then to distinguish between each sent, we foil stamped a label in the middle of the lid.

Inside, we have a foam insert. And this has a flocked Sem-U-Vel on it. It also held a little matchbook. This is actually the candle that we have lit in front of us right now.

This box we did for Calvin Klein. And it's what we call our perfect edge technology because the edges of the box form a 90-degree angle. They're really, really sharp. This is a base, lid, and neck. And we printed the neck with offset printing.

This premium candle packaging here features a satin ribbon closure with an exposed neck. It is wrapped in an offset print on soft touch paper. Inside it held lingerie. And it separated it from the candle.

This is uncoated paper with a foil stamp. This also has a neck that held the candle in place. And it makes this sit flush on the base and lid.

So guys, thanks for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed our little discussion about Taylor Box premium candle packaging. If you have more questions, please give these two a call, or you can call me also at the number below. Have a great day.