Premium Event Packaging for MLC Connect

Premium Event Packaging for MLC Connect

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Hi there, and welcome to another Taylor Box Talks. Today we're going to discuss this premium event packaging piece that we did for the Major League creative event in Atlanta. This box is a tray in a four-panel folder with a magnetic clasp. The package is wrapped entirely in a red multicolor uncoated paper and features a dark navy and a yellow foil stamp.

So what we love about this premium event packaging, aside from its beautiful, elegant dimensions, are the color choices that they've made. So this is, overall, a very popular box style, but the way that they've executed it is pretty simple and straightforward. But in the different colors that they've used with the blue, the red, and the yellow, they've really driven home this feeling of athleticism and collegiate-- it's evocative of collegiate colors.

So the top foil stamp obviously has the most important information, which is the event name and date. It's got the official hosts on the back panel, and it's also got our little Taylor Box shout-out on the bottom. It's got a lovely bit of resistance created by the magnetic closure. And inside, where all of the various swag pieces from the different sponsors and vendors at the show, as well as MLC themselves, we've got the show shirt, some socks, a sock monkey, et cetera.

So a tray in a panel-style box is an incredibly popular construction style right now. People use it from everything, from a product package to an event show package, to various print collateral casings. But what's really important to executing this well and making sure that it looks elegant is having straight lines.

A folder can easily warp along the weft or the weave, so to speak, of the paper grain. And the way that we are able to achieve this nice, clean line is the use of Eska aboard. Eska aboard is a laminated paper board that comes from the Netherlands. And because they alternate grain direction, you end up with a perfectly flat board that won't work.

So another thing that we really loved about this premium event package and wanted to highlight was the killer graphics. Now, the Major League creative group are all of the in-house creative teams from Major League sports franchises, collegiate sports franchises, et cetera, so obviously, their design is going to be really great. Even still, working with a reasonable budget, they were able to achieve a really beautiful, really stylish and hip package without using expensive printing. If you're looking for a beautiful, fun, hip, interesting package for your next event or conference, call us. We would love to work with you and collaborate to make something that fits your budget, your timeline, and whatever your swag needs.

All right, Thanks for stopping by.