Premium Hospitality Boxes

Premium Hospitality Boxes

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Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I'm Julie. This is Krista and Julianne. And we're here to talk to you about premium hospitality boxes.

OK, first up are some welcome kits for some timeshares. This is for the Vida Vacation Club. It's a lift-off-facing cover. We wrap this in a material by Fibermark. It's a leatherette with a lizard emboss and then the silver foil stamp of the logo.

Inside we lined it with an uncoated paper. They didn't want any raw board showing. And then inside are some interior trays with various dividers to keep all the components separate. And then we have some ribbon tabs to lift it out easily. And then inside is just the last of their gift.

And then next up is another kit that we did for the same client. This one was the same material in a different color with foil stamping.

- And it's a unique box with a magnet closure. It was raw-edged die cut to show the shape of their logo. And inside held products and information. So there was a little USB well. There was a pillow case well, a face cloth well, information welcoming them to the program, and a CD.

The box itself was printed for color plus a 1 PMS Gold. And it was really special. It won a Best of Show award.

Next up was a marketing kit we did for the Hard Rock Hotel. This one had a fun way to open and close. Inside here was some brochures. It had a raised lift that was suede with foil stamping. And it was decorated with a magnet closure that was etched stainless steel.

All industries need sales tools. These premium hospitality boxes are a unique way to present your product or service to your prospective client and make a meaningful brand impression.

This is a client gift for Seven Stars members. They were top-tier casino holders. This is a tray in a four-panel folder wrapped in exposed material with a foil stamp.

This held a Samsung tablet that was preloaded with all their casino points and rewards. This held a brochure to tell them about their up-and-coming rewards. And it had their contact person's business card. This also featured a ribbon lift, lift out the tablet for easy use.

This is a suite menu for the luxury suites at Gillette Stadium. It was wrapped in a Japanese book cloth with a foil stamp. It has a grosgrain ribbon that opens up to a suite menu. This is a three-panel folder. And it was a nice takeaway for the people that were season ticket holders.

Client gifts like this one that hold technology, like a Samsung tablet or a USB, are becoming more of the norm. To get a rigid package that gives you a lasting brand impression is something that will give them a greater takeaway and remember you by.

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