Shoe Influencer Kit for Nike

Shoe Influencer Kit for Nike

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-Welcome to another Taylor Box "Box Talk." Today we are going to be discussing this shoe influencer kit for Nike. Our client RGA needed a seed kit, also known as an influencer kit or launch kit for the new Kyrie 2 Duke shoe. Kyrie made several different colorways, each reflecting a story from his life. And this particular shoe colorway was blue, Duke blue, to celebrate his short time on the Duke court.

The box was made out of a wood frame construction. This box is a tray in a slipcase, also known as a drawer box. The wrap of the box is a blue imported British book cloth. It matches perfectly with the blue dyed goat skin hide that forms the tip inlay on both the lid and the original set of boxes.

On the tray itself, there is a convenient triangle cutout for pulling out the tray. As you pull the tray out, hot stamping on the side of the tray is revealed to say, "Here comes Duke." On the inside of the tray, there is genuine parquet wood flooring that was provided by the customer. And on the back of the tray again is the Kyrie logo.

RGA was responsible for making a series of memorable presentation experiences. What started off as a shoe influencer kit was incredibly successful and therefore relaunched as a seed kit to a number of other influencers inside of the athletic wear space. This particular edition is a meditation in materials. From the basswood frame to the book cloth wrap, to the goat skin and the genuine parquet lining of the tray, everything about this package is a collector's item, including the shoes inside.

The recipients of this shoe influencer kit were excited to open up and look at those custom Duke blue Kyrie 2's. And that's the kind of experience that we like to make here at Taylor Box. If you'd like to learn more, click on the link below.