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Hello, and welcome to another Taylor Box Box Talk. Today, we are going to be talking about this unique product packaging for Dwelling Boxes. This is the dwelling box. Now, we get to make all kinds of really fun custom packaging here at Taylor Box, but it's extra thrilling when we get to make a package that is also the product itself. So I don't want to spoil it by telling you the story.

But the purpose of this package is to, just as it says on the outside, let go of the negative and dwell on the positive. So this is the outer container, and within this container are two boxes. One is a box with a die-cut positive sign in it, and that box can be opened and closed. And the other box is glued shut, and that has a negative sign.

And the idea is that every day, you write down the positive things that happened, and beautiful memories and those go into the positive box. And you can reopen that box, revisit and share those memories. And when you have negative thoughts and negative memories, you put those into the negative box, and that's glued shut. And the ultimate goal is to dispose of that negative box.

And it's really all about doing this with people that you love, whether it's your family, or your friends. Maybe you keep it at work. But just as it says on the top of the box, you start a tradition and you build a mindset, thinking positively. You know, like any habit, they say it takes 28 days. So this box itself is, again, a very simple traditional base and lift-off cover.

Because it holds two additional boxes that function as a neck tray, we were able to use the same dimensions for the base and the lid, and make this beautiful sleek profile. As I pointed out before, there is some creative silk screening around the base that plays on the positive and negative of the product, dwell on the positive, let go of the negative. And both that and the decoration on the top of the box were achieved with two different shades of silk screening.

The wrap itself is a soft touch material called Exposé. It feels a little bit like a high-end, super-soft suede. Exposé is a lovely, soft-touch material from Ecological Fibers, which is a local paper company. They're FSC certified, and they have a tremendous commitment to sustainability, much like Dwelling. So this unique product package is 100% recyclable. It's made with an 80-point VAT, so it's much heavier. It's really got a nice heft to it. So when you hold this box, it's not lightweight and flimsy. It's incredibly sturdy, and it's 100% recyclable and incredibly sustainably made.

So I just took the sticker off, and now we're going to lift the top off the base. This is an incredibly snug fit. It's a great sign. And inside, you'll see that turned edge. They went with a white board, so nice and consistent throughout. You get again this pop of color that describes how to use the product. And then we see the two boxes within.

So here is your positive box. This box would go on your tabletop. You write your positive notes, put them in there. And then whenever you want to share them with people, you can pop that box open and enjoy it. And then here's your negative, which is glued shut. So you're not allowed to dwell on the negative. In fact, without spoiling it, she burned hers. So that's a fun idea.

And then in the bottom of the box, we have a little folding insert that holds a pencil, a stack of note cards to write your memories and your thoughts on, a sticker, and some other collateral. We are so thrilled with how this project turned out, and it was so fun to collaborate with Dwelling Boxes to create a package that was both the box and also the product itself. We hope you give them a shout-out and check out their project and their product, and consider getting into a dwelling box and focusing on the positive.

Thanks for coming by. If you have a unique product packaging project that you'd like to work on, or a product development that you need assistance with, please contact us today. We would love to help you. Thanks.