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beautiful packaging, rustic olive oil box with gold foil stamping for Jubaea Estate

Since 2013, Jubaea Estate has been creating celebrated wine and olive oil on the grounds of their picturesque property. Nestled between Napa Valley and Sonoma County, a unique microclimate provides an ideal environment for the cultivation of Cabernet grapes and choice Sevillano olives. The resulting wine and extra virgin olive oil are extremely exclusive and are only available at select retailers or via waitlist.

To create beautiful packaging for their exquisite products, Jubaea Estate came to our sister company, Portfoliobox, for a pair of custom handmade boxes. Let’s start with a look at the Tray in 3-Panel Folder-style box made for Jubaea’s coveted extra virgin olive oils.

beautiful packaging, rustic olive oil box with gold foil stamping for Jubaea Estate

Handcrafted Quality

Jubaea Estate’s California Olive Oil Council (COOC) certified extra virgin olive oil comes in two varieties: Tuscan Blend and limited batch Sevillano. These artisan oils are made from olives hand-picked on premises which are pressed, processed, and finally poured into elegant long neck bottles.

Each bottle of extra virgin olive oil is packaged in a Tray in 3-Panel Folder Box, a design that combines the sensibilities of a deluxe portfolio with a traditional Base and Lid box. The box is composed of durable Eskaboard for a rigid structure that can hold up to the weight of the bottle within. Eskaboard material is not only famously sturdy but is also one of the most sustainable paperboard products on the market.

Timbertuff Pilgrim cover material wraps the box for a rustic, almost antique look. Contrasted by metallic gold foil stamping in a magnificent relief of the Jubaea Chilensis plant from which Jubaea Estate takes its name, the earthy Timbertuff material seems to evoke the brand’s connection to nature while emphasizing the refined product. The front panel is secured to the tray using magnetic closures embedded into the packaging and easily folds back to reveal the bottle within.


Double the Design

The box for Jubaea Estate’s prized Cabernet Sauvignon utilizes a different structural design and color scheme than its olive oil counterpart, but still echoes many of the same packaging principles. Rather than repeating another Tray in 3-Panel design, Jubaea’s wine box takes the form of a classic Base and Lid.

As you’ve seen on our blog, a Base and Lid Box can span a diverse range of shapes and sizes. While the standard Base and Lid is used to package products for innumerable brands, a few custom additions to the traditional design make this Base and Lid uniquely Jubaea Estate.

The flocked foam that lines the box adds necessary protection for the glass bottles within while doubling down on the luxury qualities of the packaging. Sim-u-vel material from American Foam imitates the look and feel of real velvet, providing not just a cushion for the product, but a touchpoint in the packaging experience. Soft and lush, this specialty flocked foam is one of the most practical yet most aesthetically impactful features that can be added to a packaging design.

beautiful packaging for jubaea estate wine box

Each box is adorned with regal metallic gold foil stamping, accomplished (as always) in-house at Taylor Box. As with the olive oil box, every frond of the Jubaea Chilensis palm tree is rendered with the utmost precision, resulting in a decoration that immediately establishes the quality of the product by virtue of the packaging. The box is wrapped in Rainbow Sapphire cover material from Ecological Fibers, a premium material with a deep, dyed-through color.

Beautiful Products, Beautiful Packaging

Packaging a bottle of fine wine or extra virgin olive oil in a premium custom box is a surefire way to establish brand value. Because when your products are select, hand-harvested offerings, the packaging needs to reflect just how exclusive they truly are. And to demonstrate that, nothing beats a handmade box.



Just as Jubaea hand-harvests their olives, these boxes were artfully handcrafted by the experts at our sister company, Portfoliobox. Our Portfoliobox division is dedicated to making handcrafted boxes, portfolios, and specialty packaging. Premium materials meld with heritage box-making techniques, resulting in work sought after by some of the biggest names in art, publishing, and advertising. Thanks to the experience and expertise of Portfoliobox, both handmade boxes reflect the beauty and quality necessary in packaging for a brand like Jubaea Estate.

These boxes for Jubaea Estate represent the possibilities of paperboard packaging for brands offering a variety of products. Consider the importance of color and structural design. Each box has its own personality that reflects the qualities of the brand while distinguishing the products from one another. Two different packaging experiences, unified under the auspices of strong branding and great handmade boxes.

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