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Creative Influencer Kit for Red Bull Winter


When you want to make an impact, packaging matters. That was the challenge that Imarc agency shared with Taylor Box in their quest to design a creative influencer kit for energy drink company Red Bull. Each summer and winter, Red Bull releases a new flavor, tapping into a broad social media influencer network to market the product. For winter 2021, Red Bull wanted to create an experience that was highly shareable and fun with an intriguing, keepsake package design that also met the brand’s sustainability efforts. 

Our in-house team was led by Project Manager -  Julie Passey, National Sales Manager, and Designer, Ken Byrne, Senior Design Engineer, who worked with Imarc step-by-step throughout the entire process. Together they created a package that would help Red Bull achieve its goals while maintaining the “manufacturability” to deliver an on-time, high-quality product. The premium “Top of the Mountain” kit was designed to transport the recipient to new product heights in the form of a mountain summit.


As the recipient lifts the lid, four flaps drop down, revealing a 360-degree outdoor experience with two cans of Red Bull and branded glasses sitting atop a snowy peak. A friendly skier guides the viewer’s eye along ski trails that reveal the steps of a mocktail recipe. 

For additional interest, Imarc and Taylor Box designed the package to include frosty edges and an iced-over look so the box appears as if it had been left out in a snowstorm, while the pinkish-red hues complement the pomegranate flavors in the can.

The entire package is completely recyclable, and includes materials from several manufacturers. Eska Board, Newman Paperboard, Superior Bindery, Reliant Ribbon Corp, AJ Schrafel, and Abbott Action all contributed materials to this project. Board inserts were used in place of foam, and film lamination was replaced with aqueous coated printing to maintain the eco-friendly design.


The Red Bull Winter Edition creative influencer kit is a unique package design, requiring enough stability to safely transport glassware and beverages while maintaining the integrity of a carefully designed scene for recipients. 

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