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Leveling Up Presentations with Premium Packaging

Publishing is a competitive field, and it’s more challenging than ever to stand out. Even veteran publishers, recognized for high-quality and expertise in niche fields, are looking for new ways to reach clients. That’s why Onward Publishing approached Taylor Box.


With 28 years of experience in custom healthcare publications and digital products, Onward Publishing is well aware that first impressions can mean the difference between reaching your audience or being dismissed without a second thought. While it used to be enough to send samples and a cover letter in a FedEx box, Onward wanted to ensure they could capture the attention of busy healthcare executives.


Onward Publishing owner and president, Jeff Barasch, presented Taylor Box with the challenge of creating something that would “honor the great work we do with an equally great vessel that would carry our cargo in style and elegance.”


In conjunction with Onward Publishing creative director Anthony Stiso and Anna Beckwith of Benchemark Printing, Taylor Box designed and constructed the “Blue Box.” With embossed letters, rounded corners, and soft touch nylon film lamination, the packaging makes an immediate impact. As proof, Barasch reports that their “engagement with otherwise hard-to-reach clients went up 60%.”


Packaging components included sbs board from AJ Schrafel, Eska board from ESKA, and white vat board from Newman & Company. Benchemark Printing supplied the 80# Coated 1 side (C1S) litho printed sheets.


Victoria Reed of Taylor Box cites this project as an example of a great collaboration between a printer and Taylor Box. Benchemark Printing, Onward Publishing, and Taylor Box were able to work together to create what Barasch describes as “a gorgeous delivery system for our work.”


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