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Medical Device Packaging for ActivL™ Artificial Disc


Sometimes, a box is much more than a box. Shape, color, graphics, spacing, materials, and the product create something that triggers the senses and emotions. Put these together correctly, creating a sense of calm and quietness. That was the goal for this package design for ActivL™, a lumbar disc prosthesis produced by Aesculap USA.


When surgeons sit with patients to explain the procedure, an interactive component helps patients understand the process and focus on the anticipated outcome, which is a better quality of life with increased mobility. The presentation of that component can have a powerful effect on the patient's mental state. 

"The people at Taylor Box are collaborative, detail-focused, patient, good listeners, and they work hard to achieve the desired impact. The process was fluent and seamless. I can’t wait to partner with Taylor for the next box project!"

Liz Rose Choi, Brand Strategist - GiveMeFive


That meant the ActivL Artificial Disc needed a package that would convey strength and stability while at the same time providing clarity and space. The box is constructed of rigid board from ESKA, film laminated printing from Print Synergy, and a blue foam insert from Universal Foam.


Liz Rose Choi, Brand Strategist at GiveMeFive, approached us with packaging ideas that were co-developed with her client Aesculap USA, along with their requirements and goals. 


GiveMeFive is a division of Geiger Company. Geiger is one of the largest family-owned and operated and the largest privately held promotional products distributors worldwide, providing expert advice and support to clients, creatively solving their marketing, promotion, and motivation challenges. 


Through several iterations, Liz worked with Bill Fenkel, Project Manager, and Dave Shedd, Design Engineer of the Taylor Box team and they experimented with foam density, window thickness, and component placement. Ultimately, they decided on a book-style package with a transparent PVC window that showcases the product when the box is closed. At the same time, two edge magnets along the front cover panel, and the specific density of the foam provides security for the product. 


Once the structural prototype was finalized, Aaron Evans, Senior Designer of Aesculap, USA provided the graphic artwork to complete the entire design.


The hard work of everyone involved paid off, not just for the client. This box won the prestigious 2021 American Package Design Award from GDUSA. 

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