Cemetery Dance / Stephen King

Limited Edition Custom Book Box

The literary contents delight the imagination while the custom book box provides a visual and tactile experience, making this a one of kind experience and a treasure to add to collections.

Cemetery Dance Publications is an acclaimed publisher of horror and suspense, particularly known for the work of infamous writers such as Stephen King. To commemorate the release of “Gwendy’s Button Box” a chilling collaboration between King and Cemetery Dance founder Richard Chizmar, we collaborated on the development of an exclusive custom book box, that created not only a visual but a tactile experience of luxury and sophistication.

This custom book box for a limited edition horror novel was a project our Premium Luxury Bespoke division Portfolio Box brought to life.  Just three hundred fifty pieces of this tray in a four-panel folder were made for a special release. Fine Skivertex material from FiberMark (a division of Neenah Paper) simulates the appearance and feel of soft leather on the exterior of the box. On the interior, Graphite Gray Prestige provides a velvety textural experience that demands to be touched.

There are two recessed areas inside the slipcase box for two respective trays, one for a special hardcover edition of “Gwendy’s Button Box” and one for an exclusive commemorative coin. Both trays are fitted with their own ribbon pull for ease of removal.

Finally, resplendent foil stamping adorns the front panel. Multiple colors of foil are used to achieve the titular lettering, along with silhouettes of Gwendy and a shadowy, mysterious figure.

Project Details

Custom Flocked Inserts, Ribbon Lift, Magnet Closure

Industry Box Style

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