Cemetery Dance / Stephen King

Suspenseful Custom Book Slipcase

Our long-time clients Cemetery Dance Publications once again enlisted our services to create custom packaging for Owen and Stephen King's 2017 novel, "Sleeping Beauties".

Custom slipcases for books are the types projects we dream of. This one was for the horror king himself, Stephen King and his son Owen King.

“Sleeping Beauties” is set in the country town of Dooling, West Virginia. The small Appalachian town is ground zero for a nightmarish plague which envelops women in white cocoons as they sleep, leaving an entire gender indisposed. Without women, the resulting male-only society quickly deteriorates, and one woman, Evie, holds the answers to the cure- if only Dr. Clint Norcross can keep her alive.

A custom book slipcase is the perfect packaging for collectors and fans. It’s both a reliable protective cover for works of literature and a vibrant expression of the words within. The artwork is made all the more captivating through premium decoration and materials. The “Sleeping Beauties” slipcase features three-color foil stamping and premium cover material from Neenah Paper, making for a deluxe packaging experience.

Project Details

Foil Stamping

Industry Box Style

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