Custom Influencer Kit for HBO’s Game of Thrones

Custom Influencer Kit for HBO's Game of Thrones

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Hello, and welcome to Box Talk. Today we are going to be discussing this Game of Thrones custom influencer kit that we developed for HBO. The reason this box is extra special is that this won Best in Show at the Paperboard Packaging Council's awards ceremony this past fall.

This box is what we call a two three-sided hinged lid construction, which means that it has an opening right in the middle. And the lid opens like that. What we did was combine that with two ribbon lifts and a tray to create a rising platform that held the product in the center.

This was not a traditional consumer goods packaging product, but rather an influencer kit, meaning it was sent out to people that are regarded by the marketing team at HBO as having a broader impact to magnify their marketing efforts. It contained an iPad Mini and a set of Dr. Dre Beats headphones.

This custom influencer kit was wrapped in a shiny black paper known as Graphite Vicuna from FiberMark which has now been acquired by Neenah paper. It features two-toned silk screening on the lid, a matte black which shows the chair, and a shiny black for the lettering. That silk screening is also done at the base of the tray, which reads, "To hear the game is to know the game." The inside of the lid also features small, shiny, black hot stamping. The interior tray held a multi-piece board insert wrapped in satin.

This is the kind of package that is designed from beginning to end to create a very unique experience for the target. Particularly in the construction alone, when you open the box, the most distinctive element is the raising function of this construction. The two ribbons below the tray lift the tray up as you open the box for a distinctly dramatic effect. Adding the silk screening, the shiny paper, the satin lining on the insert, and, of course, the premium quality of the contents would create what is only described as an award-winning influencer kit.

Custom influencer kits are a great way to reach your audience in a more organic way. If you'd like to build your own influencer kit to make a premium brand impression for your own company, please see the link below or fill out the contact form that we've also linked below. Thanks for coming by.