Custom Packaging Sales Kits for Harvey

Custom Packaging Sales Kits for Harvey Windows

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Welcome to another Taylor Box "Box Talk." Today we're going to talk about these custom packaging sales kits for Harvey Building Products. This right here is a sales kit designed specifically for easy transport for sales reps from Harvey Building supplies. It's got this nifty black plastic handle and two Dual Lock closures right here and here that hold it very securely closed. Dual Lock is an alternative to Velcro or magnets that has just a little bit more security when you have a heavier contents in your package.

It is a tray in a three-panel folder. You can see here, we have the tray and one, two, three panels. It is wrapped in Kivar, which is a FiberMark product, now a Neenah product. And it has a simple black glossy foil stamp on the cover. Very simple, black on black, it looks a little bit like a briefcase.

When you open it, you'll see that there is an inside panel with a pocket that holds printed collateral with information that the salesperson might use when making the pitch. It has a charcoal ester foam on the inside, simple, unflocked, with cutouts to hold the different sections of the window, which is what this particular sales kit was designed to hold.

So you see it's got this really nifty cross section of the window so that the salesperson could take it out and talk about why someone might want to use a Harvey window. They chose to go with an 060 black board. So that way, the inside is black. It's all black-- black on black on black.

And the choice of material for the outside was also very intentional. Kivar is a pretty scuff-resistant material. It's not going to show fingerprints as much. So this, in general, is custom packaging sales kit that is designed to be on the move.

If you're interested in developing a custom sales kit, something that's going to really make your product sing and give your salespeople a great tool with which to go on pitches and sales meetings, consider a rigid paperboard solution. We can do any style of insert. The interior can be designed to hold all manner of print collateral. It can be entirely decorated with materials and graphics that reflect and embody your brand.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative design services and are interested in working with you on a custom packaging sales kit. Get in contact with us today. Thanks for stopping by.