Luxury Book Slipcases for Stephen King’s Sleeping Beauty

Luxury Book Slipcase for Stephen King's Sleeping Beauty

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sHello, and welcome to another Taylor Box Box Talks. Today, we are going to be talking about luxury book slipcases for the publishing industry. So what we have here are two examples of luxury packaging for the same book, but they represent two distinct value propositions from a publishing standpoint.

So here, we have the slipcase, which would absolutely hold a hardcover edition of the book by Stephen King and Owen King. It's made out of chipboard wrapped in SKIVERTEX, which is a highly durable box wrap material. It's got a slight leatherette feel. And as I said, it's very durable and is a wonderful base for foil stamping. So beautiful, with high-contrast foil stamping against the black. It's black-lined. So when the book is out, the package still looks elegant. And anyone would be thrilled to have this for a special edition keepsake of a book on their wall.

And then over here, we have the next tier up from the slipcase, and that is the deluxe clamshell. So this is wrapped in a material called which is a paper-backed fabric. The threads have multiple shades within the weft, which creates the appearance of silk. It also, is a wonderful base for foil stamping, really, really high visibility and clarity with that foil stamping. This package is made out of basswood, so that is going to have a very, very strong and consistent, durable structure. The inside is also lined in Calibri.

Both of these packages are exquisite examples of premium publishing packaging. However, one is a limited edition in which only 80 were made. Whereas another, we ran 1,200, and is therefore slightly more accessible in the market. And as you can imagine, they have two distinct uses. One is a slipcase and one is a super premium wood-framed deluxe clamshell package. So depending on what your publishing needs are, whether it's a super limited, special edition run, or simply that you're trying to preserve and add value to a hardcover edition, there is a rigid packaging solution for you at Taylor Box.

If you would like to learn more about working with us to create luxury book slipcases, whether it's a folio, a hardcover book, a limited edition run of prints, please contact us below. We are so excited to work with you. Thanks for stopping by.