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This unique chalk box was designed as a visual and structural rebrand to house two pieces of premium billiards chalk. This project had numerous goals that it needed to accomplish. Not only did it exceed its goals, but it was impressive enough to win a 2020 Paperboard Packaging Councils Excellence Award.

While it's a seemingly simple base and lid style box - as a whole, it is an innovative, secure, and elegant package. This rigid box was also intended to be a carry case and protect the chalk from impact and humidity- keeping it in top performance throughout its life cycle.


The layers and material combinations inside the packaging reduce crumbling and moisture to ensure that the chalk is always in optimal condition.

This packaging design is so innovative that Highrock, Inc. expects to see the knockoffs soon now that the product is available in Korea.

The original packaging was a crude plastic container that had brittle, sharp corners and, visually and quality-wise did not project the image Highrock wanted for the Sang Lee premium brand. To create packaging worthy of this quality chalk, they decided to do a complete rebrand.

When Highrock came to Taylor Box, they had an idea of what they were looking to achieve with the humidor insert. They provided a rough prototype and their vision to Victoria Reed, Project Manager. Together with Ken Byrne, Senior Design Engineer, they refined the packaging to obtain the desired results.


The vintage-inspired graphics were foil-stamped in our Hot Stamp department on Ecological Fibers Graphic Antique. This environmentally sound wrap and elegant design make this an attractive package at first glance. The turned-edge v-notch sides add a visual design element, helps the box feel physically comfortable in hand, and assists in removing the lid. When the cover is removed, it reveals two blue premium chalk pieces nestled securely in black die-cut crosslink foam manufactured by Universal Foam Products.

Hidden below the top layer of foam is where the magic happens.

The innovative insert consists of multiple layers and materials that ensure the chalk will not break or crumble like it can with other packaging designs. Two layers of die-cut black chipboard and c-flute provide airflow and cover for desiccant silica gel packets. This insert design ensures humidity and moisture are kept under control to keep the chalk in peak performance.


Of all the vendors I’ve ever worked with, Taylor Box and its team have been the best at problem-solving and developing solutions that fit our needs.

Helen Lee, Highrock, Inc.


This premium chalk packaging is a limited distribution, geared towards the serious billiard player, specifically within the Carom Billiards realm. This niche population proudly displays the box on the edge of the table as it is seen as a status symbol and experience level marker. The box's compact size makes it easy for transport and fits perfectly in gear bags to be taken from tournament to tournament.

Sang Lee, the inspiration, is known as a world-class champion of Three-Cushion Billiards, winning 8 Korean National titles before coming to the United States and dominating the game from 1990 to 2001.

Lee had 12 consecutive wins of the United States Billiard Associations National Three-Cushion championships before his death in 2004. Lee’s passion was billiards, and his real ambition was to make billiards beautiful in America[1]. Highrock strives to keep Lees dream alive by educating the public about billiards and supporting players and enthusiasts through building community and offering premium products across the billiards spectrum.


Victoria made this project an amazing experience.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with, moving the project along quickly, and delivering accurate results.

Helen Lee, Highrock, Inc.


Highrock feels the results were very successful. All objectives were covered, including a usable and desirable package to keep even after the chalk is gone.

The product is available for purchase on the Highrock Store Website.



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