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Hinged Lid Box that Really Rocks

Custom packaging is all about creativity. The concept for this hinged lid box fully embraces the possibilities of the paperboard packaging medium and incorporates stunning decoration, memorable interaction, and quality construction for one of the most uniquely Rockin projects in our repertoire.

This box rocks! EPI Marketing Services came to us with a fun and funky design for their clients at Chrysler. Together, we developed a hinged lid box featuring gold foil stamping and a die-cut window to accommodate a real drum pad.  A product launch kit that would surely stand up, take notice, and be memorable.

The 3-sided hinged lid rigid box is covered in Corvon Iridescents cover material from FiberMark, a division of Neenah Paper. This latex-rich material provides a lustrous shimmer to the box and a supple, touchable texture. Along with an elaborate foil stamping decoration, it’s a captivating visual design.

The truly standout feature of this box is the branded Chrysler Group drum pad. A die-cut area provides the chance for epic drum solos, sparking interest, and encouraging interaction.

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