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Promotional Boxes for Environmental Cause

It's a Taylor Box Company tradition. Every year, The Shedd Family Women create a story and design an original complimenting box that is mailed to suppliers, supporters, and friends of the company as a thank you.

For the 2019 edition of the annual Taylor Box self-promotion, we created a set of promotional boxes that embodied the spirit of wintertime and showcased our packaging prowess.

When this Clamshell-style box is opened, the contents spring to life, emerging from the box in three dimensions. A pair of pop-up polar bears are framed against a backdrop of silver stars, creating a dreamy arctic scene.

The promotional boxes are wrapped in lustrous Corvon Shimmer cover material for a dazzling visual effect. Combined with the deep blue tone of Rainbow Midnight material from Ecological Fibers on the interior, it’s like holding the night sky in the palm of your hand.  The inside pop-up is constructed of Startdream quartz from Neenah that has been foil stamped in smoke specialty foil and then die-cut to get the right effect and shimmer for the Momma Bear and Baby Bears snow-kissed fur.

The box is held in a paper belly band made of curious metallics by Mohawk in ice Gold featuring precision metallic blue foil print to deliver our holiday message. The level of detail and clarity is especially impressive considering the decoration was accomplished via foil stamping.

Each of our annual Holiday Boxes is paired with a philanthropic donation to a worthy cause, and this box was no exception. This project was paired with a gift to the Ocean Conservancy to protect our seas for generations to come.

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Foil Stamping, V-Notch

Industry Box Style

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