Taylor Box Heads to Boston for HOW Design Live 2018

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Last year, we had a blast at HOW Design Live Chicago. The conference was an incredible opportunity to meet creatives and industry professionals of all sorts, sharing ideas and inspiration. This year, we’re displaying in Boston from April 30 to May 3.

HOW Design Live brings together thousands of creatives from all over the world. Each annual conference is renowned for its roster of influential speakers and dozens of educational sessions. Even more than that, HOW Live gives exhibitors a chance to show off the latest innovations in their field. As designer/manufacturers of premium custom boxes, we like to show off a little bit ourselves.

For 2018, we put together a one of a kind box to share with attendees that ahem mirrors our work at Taylor Box. Our 2018 HOW Live box is all about reflection from the wrap to the holographic foil stamping to the contents of the box itself.

Rather than fill the box with clever contents, we decided to stick to our guns and use packaging to tell a story. The closed box beckons the beholder with a holographic message. Once the box is in hand, it’s clear that there isn’t anything inside. Nothing jangling around, no real weight to the box. Instead, you’ll find a familiar surprise at the bottom of the base.

To go along with all our shiny boxes, we also created a set of design notebooks, recomplete with holographic foil. We got a hand from our friends at Signature Printing to bind the notebooks, Mohawk Paper to provide the cover material, and our own in-house foil stamping department to decorate the whole thing.

Making a great promotional box for HOW Design Live 2018 was a no brainer. But at this year’s conference, we’re on a mission to communicate and connect better than ever. We want to speak packaging to designers, but we need help translating. In an effort to find a common vocabulary and communicate more effectively, we’re asking everyone who stops by our booth to describe a set of boxes in order to discover the common language of boxes we share. Drop a notecard with your best packaging jargon in our ballot box and you’ll be entered to win one of ten Amazon gift cards daily, or a grand prize of a pair of Apple Airpods, an iPad, or an Apple Pencil.

Next week, we’ll be at How Design Live at booth #313. Stay tuned for updates from the event and be sure to stop by our booth for a chance to win big!


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