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Boy, did we have a week in Beantown. We got to meet tons of creative professionals, caught up with our industry partners, and had some fun along the way. We gave away a bunch of our motivational mirror boxes, custom notebooks, and fabulous prizes at the Taylor Box booth. And, naturally, we stuffed our swag bags full of as much HOW Live paraphernalia as we could carry.

The TBC team on opening night!

This year’s HOW Live exhibition hall featured everything from 3-D animated dinosaurs to digitally printed cookies. More than making the requisite rounds of shaking hands and collecting business cards, there was plenty of engaging action for HOWies to enjoy. You could get a new headshot, make your own letterpress bookmark, or get a digital cartoon caricature of yourself.

Plus, Johnny Cupcakes was there, so, you know, t-shirts.

At Booth 313, we conducted an informal survey of packaging terminology. We wanted to see what the common vernacular of boxes might be to a designer who’s unfamiliar with the industry. Suffice it to say we got some interesting responses (re: squishy pad, pizza box) but the data we gleaned from the hundreds of ballots will be crucial in communicating more effectively with designers in the future. A few lucky winners who participated in the survey got some sweet prizes.

Big winner on Day 2 (Enjoy those Air Pods)

We had a ball at HOW Live 2018, and thanks to the participation of dozens and dozens of designers, we’ll be better than ever at communicating the language of packaging.

We’ll see you next year, HOWies.



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