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Whew!  It's finally here. Happy New Year! 2020 was a year of twists and turns, unlike most of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes. We've all been hit with unexpected punches, many that were nonstop.

We salute all of you for keeping up the good fight and pushing forward. 2021 brings new hope, and it will only be a matter of time before we're able to find some sense of normalcy and begin the steps to healing.

Despite all of the hurdles of 2020, Taylor Box Company had several accomplishments that we are very proud of.

So what happened during 2020 at this little box shop, in the tiniest town in the smallest state?


Outside the Box .... Shop


Awarded Family-Owned Small Business of the Year from the Small Business Administration

Taylor Box was honored to win the Rhode Island Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Small Business Award of 2020 by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Click the banner below to read the article.


Front Page of the Providence Business News - COVID-19 Recovery in Rhode Island

When our President Dan Shedd was called by Providence Business News to talk about his recovery plan for COVID, we had no idea that he would be the front page of the printed publication!  Click the banner below to read the article.

Design Week Workshop - Build Your Own Box

During this year's DESIGNxRI Design Week we hosted a virtual Build Your Own Box workshop.  It was an opportunity for us to start to fine-tune a fun packaging project we developed after last year's workshop.  We mailed out BYOB kits and hosted a zoom meeting where we walked through the steps of making your own box with our designers Ken & Alejandra. Click the banner below to watch the video.

The Small Package that Won a Big Award

One of our smallest packages produced in 2020 was a big winner!

Highrock, Inc., came to Taylor to expand upon a concept they had for a package that would hold their premium billiards chalk.  Highrock's goal was to ensure that the chalk was protected but kept dry and in optimal condition.  How did that happen? Through a unique humidor insert. Click the banner below to read more about this project in our Box of the Month series.

See the winner showcase video from the North American Paperboard Packaging Competition below.


Dwelling on 2020 no more!

The Dwelling Boxes were in the spotlight thanks to the lovely Sabine Lens from PaperSpecs who did an exclusive video on this amazing product.  This package was not only the product, and a cool design - it was the perfect item for 2020.  Created as a tool to help rid users of negative thought patterns, and to focus on the positive, it was perfect to help get you through tough times and changing your mindset.


Inside the Box......Shop


Tom DaCosta

Production Manager

Tom DaCosta, who, after less than a month of training, was off and running. Tom has brought a great deal of experience from his previous roles implementing new processes and creating a leaner, more productive manufacturing plant.

We are glad Tom decided to join the team.

Marken Shedd, who has been at Taylor for several years, took some time off to pursue a culinary adventure in 2019.

At the beginning of 2020, she decided she missed us and returned to start intensive training learning each role within the organization.

Once Dan decides he will pack the Uhaul for Block Island, Marken will take the reins.

Since her return, she's been full steam ahead with getting the factory in tip-top shape and running efficiently. Not only has she Marie Kondo'd the factory floor, but she has implemented 5S and improved several processes that benefit the company and our clients.

Without a doubt, Tom & Marken will continue to make great things happening in the shop in 2021.



Marken Shedd

Senior Business Analyst

We'll Always Have Warren

When COVID hit, we had a few of our team members decide to retire. All were looking forward to their next adventure. Who doesn't respect that?

Paul Atkins, Production Manager. After eight years of leading the production team, Paul decided it was time to hit the road, literally. He and his wife were looking forward to packing up their camper and exploring the United States.

Dave Shedd, Senior Designer, had gone part-time in 2019 but chose to take the leap and fully retire in 2020. In his free time, he's been working on several home and woodworking projects. He will come in to visit and help with complex multi-faceted projects now and then when we ask him nicely. Dave is not only a resource to the design team but the entire factory. If anyone knows how something works, ask Dave.

Carol Lajoe, Hand Department Supervisor, decided to be with her family and work on her furniture refinishing. Carol had been in the business for over 50 years, and handwork was like second nature. Carol is a talented artesian and a significant loss to our team.

Amelia Blouin, Packaging Specialist, worked for Taylor for many years in the paper and assembly departments. She was, and always will be, the Queen of Mitering. She decided to retire and spend time with her husband, who she's still head over heels in love with (it's so stinking sweet).

Our team members are specialists in what they do, and we were blessed to have the talent they brought to our company for so many years. We appreciate everything they did to help us be the company that we are. We wish them great things on their next journey.

We had big shoes to fill, so we began our search for folks who were looking to roll up their sleeves and get to box making.

Welcome the newest members of the Taylor Box Team!
  • Steven Stanley, Packaging Specialist
  • Afonso Carvalho, Packaging Specialist
  • Lorine Blouin, Packaging Specialist
  • Dorinda Bailey, Packaging Specialist
  • Brandon Wood, Packaging Specialist
  • Lissette Rosario, Packaging Specialist
  • Indira Silverio, Packaging Speciality

Happy Anniversary


Kitty Estrella celebrates 30 years with Taylor Box.  Kitty can often be found training and supervising project teams on the floor.

Kitties level of experience coupled with her positive can-do attitude has helped out many departments and team members over the years.  Her highly tuned skill-set is a blessing to our team.

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication and service.

Kitty Estrella, Production

Haunted Happenings

This year, everything was a big challenge, especially trying to stay positive. We wanted to do some fun things to try to make up for the lack of social events and bring some cheer to the factory.

One of the ways was to host a COVID-compliant Halloween Extravaganza.

What started as a Halloween Contest and Pizza Party quickly trimmed down as the Governer kept tightening the reins. We pooled our ideas to make it work and were able to get still everyone involved. We had goodie bags and contests!

Thank you to everyone who participated. It brought a lot of laughs and joy to times we needed it most.

And the Winners Are

Best Overall & Most Creative


Henry VIII's (Otherwise known as Alfonso Carvalho, Packaging Specialist) attire was nothing less than spectacular as he honored us with his arrival.

The level of detail in this costume took Fonzie weeks of hard work, and it paid off, winning both the most creative and best overall costume award.  Well deserved!

Fonzie's detail work was over the top.  As if the corded slippers weren't enough, there was gold-braided cording and gems in a feather-like pattern up the back of the cape.

I think Fonzie has a second career in Costume Design, and Henry VIII was secretly the King of Boxes.





This Hippie Chick (Kitty Estrella) brought a lot of laughter to the floor with her colorful outfit and her "happy stick".

The Witch (Pat Lidell) was voted to be the Scariest Costume Winner.  Her outfit was covered in spooky spider webs - including her mask.

Look Who Showed Up

Take a look at who made appearances throughout the shop.


All too fitting for our current times.  We had a visit from the Plague Doctor (Otherwise known as Ken Byrne).

All considering, probably one of the creepiest costumes we saw that day.

Despite being his day off, he decided to come in and check on everyone.



The Ultimate Package! (Victoria Reed). 


The Notorious RBG (Marken Shedd)  making no judgments.


Eddie Van Halen (Stephen Stanley) jammed on his handpainted chipboard ax.


Wonder Woman ( Donna Costa) users her magical accessories to ward off bad quality work!

Darth & Friends

Despite being so Evil - Darth Vader was quite the socialite during our Halloween festivities.  Seems she was recruiting for her world domination.


Darth Vader (Alejandra Garcia) and the Iron Chef (Julie Passey) begin their standoff


Darth Vader gets her fortune from Zoltar (Judith Sheehan)


Joey Calzone (John Romano) and Darth Vader team up to be the new "enforcers"


Darth teams up again with the Witch (Pat Lidell) to add spells and potions to her evil plans

Are We Done Yet?

Out of everything - you know what we did do??

We made a bunch of boxes!

We work with some fantastic clients who entrust us to deliver premium packagining designed for their specific needs and brand.

Peruse our blog and be inspired by all the projects we spotlighted over the last year. Be kept up to date by following us on InstagramLinkedIn, or Facebook.


Ok., Ok., Ok.

As a final note, our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by COVID-19. Thank you to those putting their lives at risk to take care of us. We are thankful for you choosing to do what you do.

Thank you to our employees for looking out for each other, following so many restrictions and ever-changing rules. Thank you for your dedication and for sticking with us, working hard to meet our client's deadlines.

We know this year hasn't been an easy one. Here is to 2021!

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